sábado, 25 de julho de 2015

Gonçalo doesn’t need negativity and hyperbole

Legal Defence for Gonçalo Amaral

This post was shared in a group on Facebook for members only, but we didn’t want to just leave it there. It’s written very much with the profound goodwill and abundance of truth and justice intended upon the great man, Gonçalo Amaral – May he rightly win his war!

Out of respect for that group, I wouldn’t publish this as a platform for childish and fundamentally useless ad hominem attacks against individuals, but there is specific language being used by one well-known* (you may choose a different word) McCann/Gonçalo Amaral commentator which I feel is extremely unhelpful and negative, at the very time when Señor Amaral needs the exact opposite.
I feel it’s necessary to put as much distance as possible, from the use of such exaggerated and inflammatory language that “justice has failed” Gonçalo, or that ‘the Portuguese judicial system is incompetent AND corrupt’ (if this was so, then what is anyone putting up a fight for, as it could only clearly fail).

The word FAILED means forever, nothing left to aim for, to bring about or achieve – For Gonçalo, nothing could be further from the truth! He has EVERYTHING to achieve, even his very life, person and livelihood. Please let anyone reading this do anything possible to support him!

As for the ‘corruption’ of foreign judiciaries, who is any Brit to speak in condemnation?

Our own judicial system is in absolute crisis, with the blatant corruption and mockery of justice that the Goddard Inquiry represents (for which we couldn’t even find one untainted British judge to chair), as well as innumerable inqiuries, reviews and failed criminal investigations into the horrendous Childhood Sex Abuse that is pandemic across the UK, for decades. All on top of the many other types of crime which have left victims destitute, far too often. The list of many varied crimes is endless.

No, us Brits need to put our own house in order, before passing judgment on Portugal’s – after all, Gonçalo has every right to believe that he will win this.

Gonçalo Amaral is the one man above all who has been so horrifically intimidated, victimised and assaulted since the McCann’s were guilty of everything we know them to be, since 3rd May 2007 and why? FOR DOING HIS JOB!

Please have a positive view of what is to come for Gonçalo, because anything and everything positive, or goodwill intended, really does have an impact, in ways that many of us can hardly imagine.

So finally can we ask wherever possible, that only positively true words and actions may be conferred upon the great man, Gonçalo Amaral – He deserves nothing less.