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The Internet Cries “Justice” for Gonçalo Amaral

Defining a life with no Internet, on one page (ironically on a page, on the Internet) may not be simple, or the most profound thing to do. However, the Internet is screaming 'justice' every day, for a profusion of causes, and in so many life-changing ways. So this is my attempt for such definition, in the name of justice, of free speech, and a sovereign right.

Especially in the name of Brenda Leyland, Madeleine McCann, and at a time of litigious war for him, in the name of Gonçalo Amaral.

Here's mine:

A life of discipline and twenty year sacrifice, of teaching and travelling, on foot, by sea and plane; in four continents. That which is 'taken in' by hours of study, was designated to 'give out' encouragement instruction and succour to many others, near and far. My wife's love for others, born many years before she knew me, would mean she'd forego a career for her own name, choosing to sacrifice a family for the encouragement and upbuilding of others. She is greatly valued by all those truly knowing her. As for me, it brought many privileges and responsibilities, which cannot, or certainly should not be handled indiscreetly, which only exposes those suffering to even more abuse and iniquity.
I could regale you with many of our escapades through decades; all the ups and downs, the friends we've made, and colleagues we've traded many valuable things with. There's little point in doing so though, other than to say if the Internet didn't exist tomorrow, well, we'd go about our ways, no doubt recalling all those lovely days and make more memories of life's quite spectacular forays.

In Brenda Leyland's name:

I cannot claim to know dear Brenda, who should be alive today to challenge a wonderful man's bleak plight. The time will no doubt come when we can pay real tribute to the legacy she left. She would have voiced Gonçalo's campaign message clearly and with vigour, of that much we're certain as the following selection of her tweets shows (you can click on each image, even open them in a new tab, to be able to see them clearer):
Sweepyface tweets
Sweepyface tweets

Can you love someone via the Internet alone? I truly don't know, but I certainly love her for what she's become known, as do so many others - her passion for what's right, for truth, for justice and the right for free speech. These can never be denied, though her physical voice cannot now join our chorus. Only speculation can claim to reveal those final menacing days of hers. Nevertheless, the whole world knows the beauty of her Burton Overy home, and her love for everything she called her own, even her pets and garden. How do her abusers now see her? Dead, in the name of 'public interest'. RIP, Sweepyface.

For Madeleine:

We could barely call the existence that poor Madeleine Beth McCann had, a 'life', much less 'define' hers on the internet. Is that why 'Just Giving' has created funds in 'her memory'? I cannot honestly say.
In Madeleine's memory
In Madeleine's memory

But there are irrefutable truths about the fate of a tragically lost child, of just three miniscule years. Millions of pounds of criminal investigation and governments' agendas; an online war of factions showing no letup, in blogs, in fora, the cackling spats of 'pop social media'; and in the damaging questions no-one seems to answer. Justice once more begs the 'dreadful summoners grace', so may those covering over any crime be touched by a conscience and come to their senses. Millions still hear your innocent voice, Madeleine. May that not only reverberate but ever grow stronger until justice is done, and seen to be done.

For Gonçalo Amaral:

If there was no Internet, what would Gonçalo Amaral's life be?
"Between 1992-1997 studying at night time, the Faculty of Law of Lisbon, having graduated in Law and Criminal Sciences. He joined the Public Administration in 1973, aged 14. In November 1981 he began to study the formation of the Judicial Police agents and took office in 1982 as agent. In 1997/1998 he attended the course in sub-inspectors of the PJ, the first ranked among 100 students. In 2000/2001 he completed the course Coordinators PJ. He worked in Lisbon, the Algarve and the Azores. For years he pursued, effectively, with all kinds of violent and organized crime: thefts, robberies, murders, drug-trafficking. He had a spotless career, widely recognized by colleagues and superiors, as well as judges and prosecutors, court officials and lawyers, with whom he had the pleasure of dealing for many years."
I'd say that quote speaks for itself, in spite of what his detractors undoubtedly say. I see no need to dignify them with a response, such as they are, defending the indefensible.
Two weeks ago Leanne Baulch setup a GoFundMe (GFM) page for which a link will be provided below, should you wish to donate. Since April 29 the Internet has powerfully voiced its support for Gonçalo's cause and over one thousand donations have poured in; an average of 73 per day. Those detractors had tried to bring the fund down on its very first day, but the Internet just fights its own way, so as I saw so wonderfully tweeted on Tue 12th May, 'People of the UK (in fact globally) are PAYING to see them (the McCann couple) back in court'. Louise, the humorous 'tweep' mused "Suppress that"! Her point of course is, that you can't.
Gonçalo at court

So what am I ultimately trying to say to any offering the courtesy of reading this piece? It's simple really - Can we appeal to you to support this man's cause, perhaps even reflect on his own words:
"They (the McCann's and those supporting them) have tried to assassinate me civilly, but due to the support and solidarity of all of you, they were not successful"
Can we echo those words of true justice ever louder, in Gonçalo's hour of need? Over to you, Internet.
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