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K8 não consegue dormir..... Pois não !

E o 

Não consegue dormir? Acontece......

She reportedly apologized recently for having "a tricky couple of months," blaming her strange display of stress on simply having renewed hope in finding Madeleine. But can Kate really be trusted or believed when it comes to this entire case? It could equally be speculated that Kate's demeanor has nothing to do with "renewed hope" and has everything, instead, to do with "renewed anxiety" and fear of being found out by investigators.

Kate and Gerry McCann were suspects once in the disappearance of little Maddie, and former attorney-general (Portugal) Goncalo Amaral believes that the parents directly covered up the little girl's death. There has been a slew of evidence supporting Amaral's conclusion, including Kate's fingerprints on a window that she claimed was opened by an intruder. There is also the issue with the two sniffer dogs that alerted to several parts of the apartment, and the McCann's rental car -- in other words, indicating that someone might have bled or died in these areas.

Then there are the 48 questions that Kate refused to answer while being questioned about her daughter's disappearance. While this woman talks out the side of her neck about "the impact that a child going missing has on" there are still those questions that need answers. So, Kate, what really happened to Madeleine McCann and when is this farce of a "search" going to end?