sábado, 30 de novembro de 2013

Astro e 27



Original Source:  Astro: Wednesday 27 November 2013

Posted with kind permission from astro

It started with the rest of the evidence by witness Luís Froes, about contracts and numbers. Then we saw the documentary, followed by a short break.

After the break we saw a segment from a Portuguese talk show dated May 27, 2009.
It featured Gonçalo Amaral, Paulo Sargento and Duarte Levy (by phone).
Both videos were appended to the case by the plaintiffs.

The judge set the next court session for January 7, as it was not possible to find a date that would fit all six parties before the Christmas holidays.

The decision concerning the intervention of Kate and/or Gerry and/or Gonçalo will be made by the judge before the 7th of January (well before that date, she said, for obvious logistical reasons on the UK side, if granted) and the lawyers will be informed directly.

On the 7th, we will hear the parties' statements - if granted - and closing arguments. The judge does not foresee that this is not possible to be done in just one day. Hopefully the 7th of January will be the last trial session.