terça-feira, 5 de novembro de 2013

5 de Novembro.......

The poster using the name Luis Arriaga, made a statement that Madeleine was cremated at Ferreira do Alentejo, 

According to the mobile phone info on mccannpjfiles, Gerry was there on August 20th. Not that that means anything ~ he might have just been passing through. Interesting comment though.

It seems the crematorium could have been re-opened by then.  It was closed at the beginning of May 2007 for maintenance and was supposed to re-open on 5th June 2007.


Southern Portugal’s only crematorium closed

IN NEWS · 02-06-2007

The only crematorium in Southern Portugal, in Ferreira do Alentejo, has been closed after six years of non-stop cremations so the incinerator could undergo a thorough inspection and maintenance. Meanwhile, families opting for a cremation, now face exorbitant prices, as funeral homes are now charging one euro a kilometre to take a body from the Algarve to Lisbon and beyond.

Corpses waiting for cremation have had to be put on hold with growing backlogs a common problem, especially in the Algarve.
One funeral agency in Loulé had a body in its fridge for more than 15 days, waiting for the maintenance service to be completed, though the family later decided to send the body to be cremated in Lisbon.
Excluding the cremation, the family had to pay around €250 to have the body of a loved one delivered at a crematorium in the Portuguese capital.

Suspicions have been raised due to the duration of the maintenance service, which commenced over a month ago, despite spokesperson of Portugal’s other four crematoriums (two in Lisbon, two in Oporto) claiming standard maintenance services take little more than three days.
Local authorities have guaranteed the crematorium will be up and running by June 5th.
The Ferreira do Alentejo crematorium was privately founded after a significant donation form local benefactor Mariano Faria who’s dying wish was to be cremated in his place of birth.