domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

O exterminador da Família Fitzpatrick . Das piores cenas de terror.

 Dean foi assassinado pelo padrasto. Amy " desapareceu" quando vivia em Espanha com a progenitora e com......... o padrasto. E, tinha medo dele.

  Agora, o Pai de Dean e de Amy mais a Tia receberam ameaças de morte.  A progenitora dos dois " desculpa" o exterminador. Parece que faz só o que ele quer.

The grieving dad of missing teen Amy Fitzpatrick is under threat from the psycho who killed her, a secret letter has revealed.
The hand-written note — sent to the Irish Sun last week — warned Christopher Fitzpatrick, 47, could be killed because of his campaign to find his girl, 15.
Amy disappeared from her home in Spain’s Costa del Sol on New Year’s Day in 2008 and has not been seen since.
And the schoolgirl’s crusading aunt, Christine Kenny, was also warned she could be targeted over her campaign to unravel the mystery disappearance.
Her heartbroken family gave the letter to gardai in Coolock, north Dublin, last Friday.
One chilling extract from the note read: “They will try to get rid of you (Christopher) and your sister next. All of Spain and Ireland are behind you.”
Despite fears of Amy’s killer striking again, Christopher vowed to find his daughter.
The dad said: “The person who took Amy can come after me all they want — they’ve already destroyed my life.
“This letter proves there are people out there — including in England and Spain — who know something and I would beg them to come forward.
He added: “We know that the person who took Amy is a dangerous psychopath who preyed on an innocent child.”
And he vowed to keep the campaign to find Amy going, firmly stating: “I will keep on going until I find my beautiful daughter and I know we will one day have her home.”
It’s the second time that a letter has been sent referring to the schoolgirl’s disappearance over the last month.
Another document — which was sent to the Irish Embassy in Madrid — revealed how Amy felt under threat TWO years before she vanished.
On the night of her disappearance, Amy had been in her friend Ashley Rose’s place, a short walk from her own.
The pair were babysitting Rose’s younger brother at the house in Malaga, Spain, and Amy left to go home at 10pm.
However, the pretty brunette teen disappeared, sparking a campaign to find her in 2008.
That drive involved hundreds of people and saw her family members searching for her across Europe and northern Africa, but to no avail.
Meanwhile, Christopher also blasted his son’s killer for going on a bender mere minutes after the fatal stabbing.
He slammed Dave Mahon, 42, for leaving his son to die, lying in a pool of his own blood — while he went off to the pub.
Mahon, who is the partner of Dean’s mum Audrey, 45, has admitted killing the lad, 23, five weeks ago, but claims he was acting in self defence.
Grieving Christopher asked: “What sort of man goes to the pub minutes after plunging a knife into someone?
“How could he not have known the damage this brutal action could have caused?
“I keep awake at night thinking that my son should never have gone up to that flat.
“Mahon is nothing but a coward and a child killer.”
Speaking of the tragic event, he asked: “Why didn’t he stay with him and comfort him?”
He added: “He knew what he did and yet he still went drinking. It’s disgusting.”
De Amy: 

Today, for the first time, the Sunday World reveals how Amy described bust-ups with her ‘stepfather’ Dave Mahon in her poignant personal diaries.
We have also obtained the 15 year-old’s heartbreaking last letter in which she also talks about her fights with the man who stabbed her brother to death.
Amy’s volatile relationship with her mother Audrey’s partner is also reaffirmed today by her best friend Ashley Rose.
Bombshell claims have surfaced about the whereabouts of Amy’s mobile phone at the time she disappeared, which could prove vital in the investigation.
The Sunday World can disclose that Debbie Rose and her daughter Ashley - whose house Amy left to walk home from and was never seen again - maintain the 15-year-old had her pink mobile phone with her when she left their Spanish pad on New Year’s Day 2008.
Five months later, Audrey produced the same phone during an interview on RTE’s Late Late Show.
“She said she found it in their apartment,” says an insider.
“But how could it have been in the apartment if she never made it home from Debbie Rose’s house that night?”
Debbie and Ashley Rose have tried to contact the Spanish police about the phone, but mystifyingly they have not been interviewed about it by cops.
The pair insist Amy used the mobile phone in their place to get numbers from it to call Audrey and friends from their house phone on New Year’s Eve.
Friends and relatives of Amy say the teen was constantly having fights with Mahon.
In one extract in her diary, on January, 19, 2006, Amy writes: “Dave is being a d**k as normal, accusing me of taking money. WTF wud I do dat. He has no f**kin rite 2 say I tuk it da stupid, bald, ugly WNKER!”
In another entry she says: “I stayed at Lisa’s last night cuz Davey wuz being a d**k as normal.”
And in her last known correspondence, in the summer of 2007, she confirms in a hand-delivered letter to Audrey’s niece Nikki, who was on a trip to Spain at the time, her intense dislike of Mahon.
“You do know I don’t really like Dave and it was nice to talk about him to you. When I have fights with him I usually go mental, but when you’re here you calm me down.”
Ashley Rose last night confirmed Amy’s “hatred” of Mahon.
Troubled Amy left Ashley’s house in Mijas Costa, Spain on New Year’s Day 2008 to take the short walk home. 
She was never seen again and her best friend paints the picture of an unhappy teenager who longed to return to Dublin to live with her father Christopher.
“Amy never got on with Mahon,” Ashley insists. “She hated him. She was definitely unhappy in Spain and she just wanted to go back to Ireland. 
“She was being bullied at school and hated living with Dave. Maybe that’s why she wanted to move to Ireland.”
Over the Christmas, Amy spent a lot of time staying with Ashley and said she often stayed at other friends. 
Amy’s prayers had been answered when she was told she was going back to Ireland before Christmas, but the trip was cancelled by Audrey because of financial reasons.
“She was devastated,” says Ashley. “She came to my house crying her eyes out, saying ‘I don’t know what to do – I hate it here’.”
Amy’s relationship with her brother Dean – who she shared the house with (they have one younger stepbrother) – was like “any brother and sister”, according to her best friend.
Audrey went to Dean’s removal on Monday evening, but missed the burial on Tuesday morning, at first citing illness and then later claiming she could not face seeing him lowered into the ground for fear of having a panic attack.
She visited his grave on Thursday, but also spent some of the day boozing with Mahon, whom she has stood by, saying she “loves him but hates him”.
Dean was stabbed to death by Mahon last Saturday week at the apartment he shares with Audrey in what he says was a tragic accident.
There was a bitter court battle between Audrey and Christopher over his burial, with a judge ruling it should be left in the hands of his partner Sarah, the mother of his young son Leon.
It has emerged Mahon previously physically threatened Dean, who sources say had lately begun to “open up about Amy”.
The Sunday World has been in touch with Spanish police over the potential new evidence about Amy’s phone. 
“Our investigation into Amy Fitzpatrick’s disappearance remains open,” was their only official comment.
This contrasts with a local court in Fuengirola deciding to provisionally close the case. 
A court source said: “The judicial investigation into Amy Fitzpatrick’s disappearance was provisionally closed in April 2010. It is not being actively investigated... but the case could be reopened at any time.”
Christopher Fitzpatrick says he will “never forgive” Mahon for killing Dean. The 42 year-old admits stabbing his step-son but says it was a tragic accident while he was defending himself from attack.