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Festival entre casos parecidos? E ambas as progenitoras perdoam ao........ ?

Os diários, a investigação particular com novos "olhos" e, por aí fora......

Amy's diaries reveal hatred for stepdad Dave Mahon

SPANISH police are being urged to formally interview the self-confessed killer of Dean Fitzpatrick about the disappearance of his sister Amy, after crucial new evidence appears to have emerged.
The Sunday World today publishes poignant extracts from the teen’s writings and her last ever letter in which she talks about her volatile relationship with 42 year-old Dave Mahon as her best friend says: “Amy hated him.”
We also reveal how Spanish police have also been told about sensational new evidence relating to Amy’s mobile phone.
Amy Fitzpatrick’s family have urged Spanish police to start their investigation again from scratch.
The missing girl’s dad Christopher Fitzpatrick and her aunt Christine Kenny hope a new probe into her case will help them find answers.
Christine told the Irish Sunday Mirror: “They need to start again, perhaps with new detectives who can look at the case with fresh eyes.”
They hope that going over every piece of evidence will bring new leads — just as it did for missing Madeleine McCann’s family.
Christopher and Christine made the appeal a day after the Irish Mirror revealed Spanish cops have stepped up the hunt.
Now they believe another investigation will finally unlock the mystery of the 15-year-old’s disappearance in Spain in 2008.
Speaking on behalf of Amy’s dad and his relatives, distraught Christine last night told the Irish Sunday Mirror: “We want a complete new
“They need to start from the beginning, perhaps with a new team of detectives who can look at the case with fresh eyes.
“Everyone who gave evidence in 2008 should be questioned again in light of everything that has happened over the past five years.
“That’s the only way police will find new leads, and we might get answers.”
Determined Christine revealed that her and Christopher would happily give testimonies and do anything in their power to help detectives. 
She said: “We would be willing to speak to the Guardia Civil again and give testimonies ourselves, as long as we have an interpreter there.”
Sources told the Irish Sunday Mirror inspectors may have to travel to England to gather evidence.
A security insider said: “A handful of people who knew Amy and gave evidence in 2008 have left Spain.
“Some moved away out of choice, but there is a concern that others moved away after being intimated.
“Hopefully, once a suspect has been charged with her brother Dean’s death last month, they will come forward with information that will help the case progress.”
It comes as Amy’s family are today visiting her brother Dean’s grave.
The 23-year-old was stabbed to death on May 25 at the Dublin flat rented by his mother Audrey Fitzpatrick and her partner Dave Mahon.
Chief suspect Dave has already admitted he killed Dean, but insisted he did it in self-defence.
The couple revealed this week they had quit the search for Amy.
Amy’s relatives mentioned the review of the Madeleine McCann investigation which was launched in 2011 after a campaign from her parents Gerry and Kate.
Christine said: “This seems to have helped them in their search and that’s what we would want.”
People with information have been urged to get in touch with Amy’s dad Christopher on
Gardai can be contacted on the Garda Confidential Line 1800 666 111.

New Amy Fitzpatrick murder suspects will be brought to Spain as cops step up probe - Irish Mirror Online
Spanish cops probing Amy Fitzpatrick’s disappearance have contacted gardai over her brother’s killing, it emerged last night.
Police are working closely with detectives here following the stabbing of Dean Fitzpatrick by his stepdad Dave Mahon two weeks ago, the can reveal.
And the siblings’ heartbroken aunt Christine Kenny said she now hopes Dean’s death will unlock the mystery of Amy’s 2008 disappearance in Spain.
She added: “I am happy to know that they are looking at this, possibly in a different light. Hopefully this is going to bring some closure for Amy.”
In another development, security sources have revealed several people have come forward with new information about Amy.
And Spanish police have exclusively told us they:
* MAY travel to Ireland to take new statements over Amy’s disappearance
* NEVER closed the teenager’s file and insist her case is still active, and
* WILL apply to extradite any new suspects identified in Ireland.
A senior investigator working on the case of 15-year-old Amy said last night that they were “interested” in Dean’s tragic death.
The Guardia Civil officer said: “Police in Spain are aware of Dean’s death. They have been in touch with gardai and are co-ordinating with them.”
The Irish Mirror revealed Dean planned to come forward with new information on the case before he was stabbed to death two weeks ago.
Now it is hoped new information will emerge pointing police in Spain or Ireland towards her abductor.
The Malaga-based detective was reluctant to give any details on the police’s future plans.
He added: “I can tell you that the investigation is ongoing.”

However, when asked if Spanish cops would seek extradition of any suspects linked to Amy’s disappearance, he replied: “If a suspect is identified in Ireland, then an extradition order will indeed be sought.”
He also said that if any new witnesses came forward in coming weeks, his team would consider sending officers to Ireland to record their testimonies.
Amy and Dean’s aunt Christine Kenny told the Irish Mirror she welcomed the comments of the Guardia Civil – and despite the trauma of Dean’s death, will continue the search for her missing niece.
She said: “The last few weeks have just been so difficult. We know where Dean is, we want to find where Amy is now.”
The blue-eyed girl was just 15 years old when she went missing from Riviera del Sol in Mijas Costa, near the beach resort of Fuengirola on New Year’s Day 2008.
The pretty teen was living with Dean, mum Audrey Fitzpatrick and stepfather Mahon at the time.
But the last person to see her before she vanished was her best friend Ashley Rose, who was living just 10 minutes away.
Ashley recalled how Amy stayed with her to babysit her brother before heading back home at around 10pm.
The 19-year-old said on Sunday that she is convinced her friend was killed.
She said: “It was someone out there who knew her, that’s my opinion.
“I know Amy’s dead. I don’t hold on to any hope of ever finding her alive.
“We all had someone on our radar at the time and that hasn’t changed over the years.”

The Guardia Civil last night insisted that Amy’s disappearance is still being treated as a “missing person case”. In Dean’s case, gardai are preparing a file for the Director of Public Prosecutions, with charges likely to be brought in the autumn.
The 23-year-old was stabbed to death with a kitchen knife in a flat on Brunell Square shared by his mum and Mahon.
The father of one fled the building and collapsed on the street outside in Northern Cross, Dublin.
Dean’s stepfather Dave Mahon has already admitted to involvement in the killing. However, he claims he stabbed the young man in self-defence.
The 42-year-old former estate agent presented himself to gardai the day after Dean was killed.
He was arrested but later released without charge.
A security source told the Irish Daily Mirror: “Dean’s death has raised a lot of questions among those who knew him and Amy.
“They want answers and are prepared to come forward with any information that might be of help to detectives.
“Several people have already contacted investigators and hope to testify soon.
“And this might shed light on Amy’s disappearance.”
People with information on either case have been urged to get in touch with Dean and Amy’s dad Christopher Fitzpatrick on
Gardai can be contacted on Coolock Garda station on 01 6664200, or the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111.