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O pesadelo, com os aparecimentos da K8, não para!

May 13, '07, 12:12 PM

Dear Sir,

You forgot to mention the racist and insulting coverage British media has been doing. Portuguese police - and Portuguese people!! - has been portrayed as "clowns" and mentally retarded people bi the British media. Let me give you some examples:


The Telegraph

“Gerry and Kate McCann had every reason to trust […] that the Portuguese police would do everything to help bring her back to safety. Yet with the best will in the world, it is becoming obvious that this has not happened. Even if one factors in cultural differences and the inexplicable burden of the Portuguese secrecy of justice law, which prohibits even the parents of the missing being given details of evidence collected, it is clear that the police operation has been flawed and flat-footed from the start.[…] At a belated and chaotic press conference on Monday, the police were, if anything, belligerent instead of supportive, with an uncomfortable whisper of southern Mediterranean machismo sweeping through their statements and body language. "We are not magicians," said Olegario Sousa, the officer leading the investigation. 

No, senhor, but perhaps you are clowns instead.” [….]

May 9, 2007

[…] And here comes Dep Supt Alan Ladley, the man who caught Sarah Payne’s killer, Roy Whiting. Ladley says that “basic coppering” might have found Madeleine’s abductor by now. […] Madeline McCann is missing and we are led to believe it would have been better for mum and dad and Madeleine McCann had she been taken in Britain, preferably on Ladley’s patch. […]

May 7, 2007

“[..] Experts have put together an artist's impression of a "suspect" but have not publicly revealed details. It is believed however, that the image shows only the rear view of a man - the back of his head and hair more than the features.[…]

Daily Mail

Revealed: The police e-fit of Madeleine's abductor that's 'nothing more than an egg with a side parting'
“This bizarre sketch [image published] captures why the police investigation into the abduction of Madeleine McCann has been so savagely condemned. […] Simon Russell […]said the sketch was so simple it was easy for him to recreate, and it is Mr Russell's drawing that is used here. He described it as looking like "an egg with a side parting".
The Telegraph

"[…] Staff at hotels, restaurants and bars in Praia da Luz where the McCanns are staying, and nearby towns, have been shown at least six different sketches of suspects. One depicted a white, tanned man aged between 30 and 35, with dark medium length floppy hair. Others have shown a bald suspect, the back of a man's head and the silhouette of a man. Simon Russell, […] was visited by officers who showed him a computer-generated image which looked like "an egg with hair". The picture had been created by the Judiciary Police, who are leading the investigation, four days previously.. […] May 10 – 2007


In my own comments, at my web page [Gazeta Digital -] - I wrote that “Hitler didn’t managed to conquer Great Britain during the II World War, but some nazis took control over a few newspapers, until today” […] Accepting this story [“Police e-fit of Madeleine's abductor that’s nothing more than an egg with a side parting”] as truthful, genuine and authentic, and publishing it, shows how strong is the influence of Alfred Rosenberg [nazi’s main ideologue] ideas among journalists and editors of the Daily Mail and The Telegraph. Indeed, Portuguese police officer have been portrayed in the British media as members of a inferior race or “clowns” […] Also, British journalists, reporting from Algarve, behave as if they were following a National Geographic expedition to study the not-so-long-ago-cannibal tribes in the deep jungles of New-Guinea.[…]
Best Regards,
Paulo Reis
Journalist (Press Card nº 734)

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