quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2013

Madeleine McCann. O que aconteceu realmente?


Crime analyst and profiler Chelsea Hoffman can be found on The Huffington Post, Chelsea Hoffman: Case to Case and many other outlets. 



Spivs Comment.
Is this a seriously confusing article or am I just being a thick cunt? Masquerading under the headline of: DNA PROBE AS MADDIE IS ‘FOUND’ above a photo of Madeline McCann, you would no doubt begin reading the article with the impression that Madeline  McCann had been errr… Found. 

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann remains unsolved but the number of people who believe her parents covered up her death is vast -- and that number includes some well known people. 
Currently the McCanns are trying to have former solicitor Tony Bennett jailed for making the claims that they did something to Maddie before reporting her missing in 2007. He's awaiting the decision on whether or not he'll face trouble over his claims, but he says he is simply repeating the words of what hundreds of others have said online, in the media and in books.
Kate and Gerry McCann say that their campaign would be affected negatively by his words because people would be less likely to report potential sightings of the missing UK girl. However, it should be noted that there has always been public suspicion in their direction with or without the words of Tony Bennett. In fact, jailing him would do absolutely nothing to stop people from thinking the McCanns did something to Maddie. And why do people feel this way? The tidal wave of evidence against them is a good place to start.
Since the beginning of the search for Madeleine McCann officials in Portugal made it clear that Kate and Gerry were there focus -- especially when cadaver dogs hit on Maddie's scent in their rental apartment. In fact some of the areas 'hit' at by the cadaver and blood dogs tested very closely in DNA markers to Maddie, but they were too damaged to be admissible as evidence. Kate and Gerry McCann were declared prime suspects in the disappearance of the little girl -- which led them to promptly leave for the UK where they sought help. Since then, the case remains unsolved and their multi-million dollar campaign has done an excellent job at supporting them while year-after-year the hopes of finding Maddie decrease.
So what really happened to Madeleine? Is Tony Bennett right or are the McCanns totally innocent in this?