quinta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2013

Questões de fel e de "clubite" , de fel e ser proMc

os pesadelos do henrique.

Henrique Monteiro do "expeSSo".


Pereira Cristóvão: "Sporting é clube com loucos e pavões anafados"

Em entrevista ao Expresso, o antigo vice-presidente leonino critica quem o critica, defende-se das acusações de espionagem e lança suspeitas sobre a PJ


JS: Gonçalo Amaral, what happened to your team? To the persons who worked with you during the investigation to this case?

GA: They are being persecuted, case by case, they are being persecuted. The last case was with my colleague, Ricardo Paiva , who was a target of an entrapment, an entrapment at facebook [social site], and Dr. Pedro do Carmo immediately stated that he had violated a number of duties, etc. It's interesting because Pedro do Carmo....

JS: One question...

GA: Allow me to conclude, in terms of disciplinary processes Dr. Pedro do Carmo was the person who had to make a decision, and immediately before any investigation is made to that incident, he stated that Ricardo Paiva had violated the secrecy of, a series of duties, and we have to ask, why does this happen? Why does someone, a deputy director of the Judiciary Police, comes to the public, on his tiptoes speaking against him [a colleague]? It's because they are witnesses. Ricardo Paiva is one of my witnesses in the process the McCann couple have against me, and why do these directors, these people who are now directors - at this moment they are representing the Judiciary Police, but they are not the Judiciary Police - the Judiciary Police has a history, beyond these directors...

JS: Let me go back to the point that you just made, what you are saying is that your colleagues that remain active, in the Judiciary Police, are being persecuted?

GA: There are no doubts about that.
JS: Inside the Judiciary Police?

GA: Inside the Judiciary Police.

JS: They are suffering retaliations?
GA: They are suffering retaliations, simply because they worked with me. I can't go to the police, I can't contact anyone because immediate retaliations follow. That has happened before. Therefore I limit myself to the life in my neighbourhood, it's a pretty neighbourhood, very close to the EXPO, where I lived for forty years, and now I'm back again.