sexta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2013

O que os mcs fizeram!

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It seems that a collective euphoria has taken hold of some people because the McCann vs GA’s Trial, expected for the end of this month, was suspended for 6 months as to grant the possibility of an agreement between the parts.

This euphoria is based only on information in blog that the McCanns are fighting for their lives, and have already lost the case.

The blog in question has publicly stated that it doesn’t have any privileged information and its authorship is made up of an uncertain number of “independent” individuals so its conclusions can only be an informed opinions.

The Portuguese have a saying (you know how much I love the wisdom of Portuguese) that advises caution: “Não lançar foguetes antes da festa.” – “Do not start the fireworks before the party starts”.

Let’s look at facts.

1. The Trial was postponed.

2. The parts are in negotiations.

3. We don’t know who approached who, nor when, nor why.

4. The Portuguese Justice System has given the parts 6 months to reach an agreement.

According to the information available, any other conclusion is a presumption at this stage.

If you, like us, support Gonçalo Amaral, understand that any speculation only further pressures the man who requires all the strength he can muster to face this combat.

This said we’re appealing for containment and let Amaral manage this battle as he knows best as only he and the McCanns are fully aware of what is in fact being discussed.

We, Textusa Sisters, would like to wish Mr. Amaral all the best in this critical moment and express that we’re fully, without any restrictions, at his disposal to help him to the best of our capabilities.

We believe if that IF justice prevails in this case, Mr Amaral’s victory should be guaranteed.