sábado, 26 de janeiro de 2013

Análise Criminal por Hernâni Carvalho

Hernâni Carvalho (HC) - The McCanns, Madeleine's parents, as you know, sued Gonçalo Amaral for defamation. On the eve of the trial they asked for an extrajudicial meeting with the various defendants. As you know the defendants are the coordinating inspector Gonçalo Amaral, TVI, Valentim de Carvalho and Guerra & Paz. They asked for an extrajudicial meeting. I wrote about that this week on TVmais.

Júlia Pinheiro (JP) - The issue is today on the news-stands.

HC - Exactly. The extrajudicial meetings close to the trials are common, but usually it's the defendant who proposes...

JP - The defendants, right? 

HC - ... a solution out of court.

JP - Not the one that accuses [plaintiff], right?

HC - Let's see if this meeting will end in something, if it doesn't, at least it bought someone time, whomever that someone is.

JP - So, what do you think? Is this a delaying tactic, to win time? 

Lower Third - 'McCann couple orders the suspension of the trial against Gonçalo Amaral'

HC - So far... the beginning of this trial has been postponed about two or three times already. The fact that all parties have agreed [on the extrajudicial meeting requested by the McCanns] led the judge to agree with the suspension of the trial, so everything will start in six months time with either an extrajudicial solution or with the trial.

JP - Unfortunately, without knowing anything about Maddie McCann. That's the issue that doesn't move forward, it doesn't progress anymore.

HC - About that, there is something that we do know, she disappeared from Praia da Luz, that night, from that apartment.

JP - And she was never seen again. Let's move to...

HC - She was seen various times.

JP - Recently I haven't seen anything about the sightings.

HC - There was another one, just a few days ago she “appeared” [ref. Brazilian Hoax/Daily Express].

JP - Really?

HC - Yes, but I have had enough of that championship [circus].