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Saturday, 15 December 2012
Quick Note: 15th Dec 2012


This is new for me so I'm keeping it short. (LP)


James still can't speak, isn't sleeping very much and I can see on his face each day that this is unbearable but he is coping and that's because messages from other people in the police, other services and some just generally lovely people keep arriving.

I can't tell you much of an update because James has asked me not to because an inquisition is still going on...bloody police officer until the bitter end. He drives me mad.

Really I just wanted to say thank you, from both of us, in more than the ridiculous, short writing space that Twitter gives you.

I had no idea of the support that he would get and after taking over his Twitter last Sunday the replies that have come back to my messages have left me speechless. This is keeping James afloat.

Thank you to all of you, keep it up if you can. He worries that you'll all get bored and forget the longer he's quiet for.

Some people have written to their MP and we are starting to get messages from those getting replies. Even Vince Cable (one of the only ones I have a clue as to who it is) has written to Theresa May and Boris Johnson. James couldn't believe it so I take it as good.

I wanted you all to see the beard my husband is growing too so am updating his twitter profile. I am not very happy about this, he is starting to look like a man of the mountains.

The first payments, from October sales of The Rest Is Silence, should be coming to James and going out to Care of Police Survivors this week. I'll keep you posted on the exact amounts and dates of transfers as soon as they are done.

That's it really.

Just again to say thank you for the support so far and to share a few of the lovely messages that have kept James going this last week....bye for now. L.

“Lots of support here (Glasgow)! Hold the line”.

“Strange world,our parents teach us to tell the truth and we adhere to them values in life to give us standing.Gd luck Will b thinking bout u”.

“Saw the lovely tweets by Mrs P. Thinking of you and yours”.

“James & family. Thinking of you all. What's happening is disgraceful. I wish you the very very best James, you really do not deserve this”.

“It just goes to show that we are treated differently and should be paid for the fact that they expect us to accept being treated worse than the criminals we deal with! If they are taking away our right to freedom of speech then we should be paid a hell of a lot more than we are!!”.

“Thoughts are with you all over Christmas. Difficult as it will be try to enjoy it. Your lovely wife is so proud of you & so are we, your colleagues in every force”.

“Hope your getting through this bad time. Numerous colleagues more informed by your Blog, Tweets and Book. Keep the faith”.

“Talking to colleagues about your predicament last night. It's a disgrace and you will prevail”.

“You've been courageous where others, who should have been, have not. You can hold your head high”.

“Thoughts with u all”.

“A wee hello from up north. You are on my wife and I's thoughts. All the best fae a Glesga Polis!”.

“Good luck with this unfair process”.

“I am beside myself with worry and find the behaviour of your employers incredible”.

“I can emphatically state that far from having brought the service into disrepute
or in any way damaged its reputation I feel that James has in fact, in my eyes, raised considerably
the esteem in which I hold it. I can point to many others that feel the same. What I have seen and
read is evidence of someone who cares passionately about the office he holds and everything that
relates to it. There is no greater confidence booster in terms of how a member of the public views its police than being able to engage with officers and hear what they have to say about their work and livelihoods– the good and the not so good. By association and consequence, any changes which adversely impact them will impact the society in which I live and this honesty and transparency is more than welcomed – it is essential. The fact that James has openly and honestly spoken of his concerns and raised awareness of important information (already in the public domain and which we have a right to know) marks him out as a person of integrity, more so coupled with the knowledge that to do so could have an adverse impact for him on a personal level. These are the qualities that I want officers in my police service to have – to be brave, upfront and dedicated to serve. Everything I have read or come across clearly indicates that James possesses all of these.”

“I just want to say I hope you are okay. Your book is great & you are a great policeman. Don't know why they say it makes them look bad because doesn't. Think it is a positive thing that police are open & don't cover stuff or are corrupt. You highlighting concerns re reform etc & discussing things that others have put in press etc shows you care about things and the public, you deserve praise. Hope they see sense and you don't get punished. It's not fair. The public support you!! I support you and my mates do too! They are wrong at the Met for treating you like they are. You take care. You are a brilliant policeman and really cool! You have 4 commendations!! Are your bosses thick? (sorry shouldn't say that)”.

“I have heard and read about the investigation that you are presently under. This is obviously a bloody awful time for you and your family. I just wanted to make contact, offer my thoughts and moral support, and make the offer of hospitality, should you and your family want to get away from it all for a few days. You would be more than welcome to stay with my family and I. A trek through the snow, several ales after & somehow, even in the worst of circumstances (and we have been through a few here, believe me) you can mentally regroup, ready to continue the fight. Keep your chin up and hold the line”.

“I can't wave a magic wand but I can see things from where you see them and we both share a common passion for all that is good in British Policing and fear the consequences of all this being slowly dismantled. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN CARING!”