terça-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2012

A Pat........ a Jill e mais McsAmigos

A Pat gosta muito de escrever e-mails. Principalmente em 2007. A Jill.......

As a longstanding friend of Kate McCann, McVey helped her family set up the Madeleine McCann Fund and remained part of the board for eight months






00:30am - 01:00am

Pat Perkins (Family friend)

When Kate McCann discovered Madeleine missing, she called her parents in Liverpool. They had a visitor, Patricia Perkins, the Human Resources director of a British health organization. After hearing of Madeleine's disappearance, Mrs Perkins rings her friend Aurelio Guerreiro and asks him to go and help the McCanns. 

(She also instigated the original Madeleine chain e-mail, which can be seen at the bottom of 'The First Reactions' page)

Sol reports the incident:

'Aurelio Guerreiro, the owner of a bar at the marina in Vilamoura, was close to being involved. His testimony to Sol confuses the McCanns’ time version. Sometime between 0.30 and 1 a.m., Aurelio got a phonecall from an old customer: Pat Perkins, the human resources director from a public English organism. She calls him, upset: ''She told me the daughter of british friends of her, who were vacationing close to Lagos, had disappeared over 3 hours ago, that they were completely alone and that nobody was helping them to search for her''. 

Kate McCann had just informed her parents of the tragedy. Pat, who lives in Liverpool, confirms: ''I was at Kate’s parents’ house at that moment. But I have nothing further to add''. 

Guerreiro tells what he did after Pat called him: ''I understood she wanted me to go meet them, but I was an hour away from their location, and I could not close the bar, I decided to call the police''. After PJ in Portimao confirmed to him they already knew about the case, Aurelio phoned Kate, at the number that Pat had given him: ''An English man picked up. He thanked me, and contrary to what I expected, he didn’t ask me for anything''. 

Minutes after this phonecall, Gerry asks for the priest from the Luz parish to be called for him – but the Ocean Club staff members refused, given the time it was. At four in the morning, Jane was asking a member of GNR: ''Have you cut off all the roads already?''. Minutes later, Gerry, given the fact that the priest didn’t appear, asked another element of GNR to show him the way to the church.