quarta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2012



Há mais para ler. Aqui, apenas está a parte final do artigo.

..... " Five years on little has changed. The child, of course, has not been found since the parents acquiesced in the suspension of the Portuguese search and inquiry. But the sordid briefing has continued, using not only the British media but even a separate Public Relations company in Portugal in their pursuit of one of the police officers who tried to help them but whom they turned on when his theories about the fate of their child became too uncomfortable.

They never came back to Portugal to assist the investigation once they'd run away, hiring the world’s best extradition lawyers as soon as they arrived in London. They and their friends wouldn’t agree to return in response to a last desperate appeal by the Portuguese to help the search for their child with a reconstruction.

No, they wouldn’t do that. But when it came to tying Goncalo Amaral up in a legal mesh Gerry McCann couldn’t get on the plane fast enough to meet a Portuguese lawyer and plan a legal ambush, all the while pretending that he had come to Portugal to “build bridges”, as the shameful video footage of  him lying to the Portuguese journalists at the time so clearly demonstrates.

And when Amaral went to court in Lisbon in late 2009 in an attempt to free himself, Kate McCann, who the papers had so often assured us was traumatised at the thought of going back, was on the plane to Lisbon like a shot, not to give evidence – she doesn’t do that – but to sit in the audience in court and enjoy, as she hoped, the further destruction of the ex-inspector.
Will she be in the audience in a week’s time to witness the struggle for her pound of flesh? 
We shall see. "