quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2012

O diário de K8 e os cães do 11.09.

By Dr Martin Roberts
12 September 2012


The Dogs of 9/11 American Thinker
By Elise Cooper
September 11, 2012

.....  Bauer told American Thinker, "I realized these dogs were not recognized even though they were such an important part of the search and rescue effort. America needs to know that these were brave, brave people and animals that were truly heroes. The dogs are not working to be heroes -- just doing the job they were taught to do. However, the fact is what they found was extremely important, which makes both dogs and handlers heroes to me."

...... "In addition, a dog's nose can find a minuscule piece of DNA for identification, which a human can never do."

Pergunta aos cães, Gerry McCann!