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God Bless you Sr Amaral I hope & pray you win this case & the whole wide world is shown what the McCanns are all about ££££££. You are a good person. Truth & Justice for Madeleine Beth age 3.

Doll UK

I saw a recent photo of Amaral and must admit he has lost weight. surprised the Express and Daily
Star have not reported that the Trial is delayed for a week. Apparently Amaral’s Lawyer is not well.
I think it is disgraceful that the McCanns, seeking E1.2 million damages do not even have the Courtesy to attend. The Portugese have taken a lot of stick from the McCanns, kate in particular in
her book claiming the Police were negligent and failed to follow up every witness statement. Add to this the News That Pinto, Chairman of Portugese Lawyers who should be impartial, is a witness for the McCanns and you have to wonder just what is going on.


THE wife of former Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral today reveals how the libel action brought against him by Kate and Gerry McCann wrecked their 10-year marriage.
The McCanns will begin the action in Lisbon on Thursday seeking £1million damages over claims about their missing daughter Madeleine.
Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Express, Mr Amaral’s wife Sofia, who is separated from her husband, said: ‘‘He is almost broke and the strain of all this legal action has made him ill and ended our marriage.”
Kate and Gerry have decided not to attend but Mr Amaral, 54, will be there for the four-day trial even though he does not have to give evidence. He insists he does not have a secret pot of “Maddie gold” from the publication of his book The Truth Of The Lie [click for full English translation of book - HLM] and will defend his claim in it that Madeleine could have died accidentally in the Praia da Luz apartment on the Algarve on May 3, 2007, aged three.
Sofia added: “I am really worried about his health.”
Express, retrieved online September 9th, 2012