sexta-feira, 20 de julho de 2012

Os culpados mais prováveis

David Suchet as Christie's detective Hercule Poirot. ‘In reality, most murders involve husbands killing wives and partners, or parents killing children.' Photograph: ITV

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".....This isn't nearly so good a story for the media of course, but the sad reality is that in England and Wales, the most likely victim of a murder is a child – usually under the age of two – and the perpetrator is usually that little boy's or girl's mother or father. And so contrary to perceptions that almost all crime goes unsolved, the police have a 90% success rate in identifying murderers. It becomes far less of a case of whodunnit than why-did-they-do-it. All profilers need is a brief conversation with the victim's husband, mother, father, or boyfriend; that will probably make it obvious who the culprit is.
So if the vast majority of murders come from within the home, it's in changes to domestic life and policy that we find the most important factors behind the fall in the murder rate. Compared to 30 years ago, domestic violence is now treated as a far more serious crime. To show how far we have come, marital rape – one of the most sordid forms of domestic abuse – was only criminalised in 1991. The authorities are not only more aware of violence against women and children in the home but are now more willing to intervene with families earlier to prevent violence escalating. This is borne out by the fact that the attempted murder rate is also in long-term decline, down 8% over the last year, a fall from 523 to 483 offences......"