sexta-feira, 27 de julho de 2012

"Folie à Deux"

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (season 8) Episódio 7

Alex is tense and disgusted right off the bat - a child is missing. Goren is suspicious from the time he finds the glass in the carpet in the hotel room. Funny how brusquely in charge he is in the first clip - not his usual style.... Is he trying to show Ross he is on his game? Goren is still sporting the beard and longer hair. It's easy to hide behind the beard. Did you notice him pocket the money? He messes with the villains in three clips. He wears a suit. He talks over Eames, interrupting what she is saying. And he shows us a tired/disgusted/disillusioned/sad look at the end. Is he really recovering or covering up?