segunda-feira, 25 de junho de 2012

O Mundo está louco?

Jovem  britânico preso por matar irmão gémeo na Espanha

foi preso por ter morto o  irmão gémeo e esconder o seu corpo  numa vala perto da casa da família na região de Valência, leste da Espanha, onde ficou durante catorze meses antes de ser descoberto.

Está num Centro de detenção juvenil após admitir que seu irmão, Michael, morreu acidentalmente durante uma discussão fora de sua casa, em fevereiro do ano passado.

A spokesman for the British Embassy said: “We are aware of the arrest of a British national and we are offering consular assistance to the family.”

Ryan Goodman, 19, was sent to a juvenile detention centre by a court inSpain last week pending trial after admitting that his brother, Michael, had died accidentally during an argument outside their home in February last year.
He told police that they had been arguing over a “stupid matter” when he pushed Michael against the door of their home, a rural villa near Vallada, a town popular with British expats where the boys lived with their mother, grandfather and two sisters.
Michael hit his head against the door knob and slumped to the ground dead. His brother dragged the body 10 yards from the house and hid it beneath undergrowth in a ditch between the property and the main road.
It lay undiscovered until April this year when a local man found it while picking wild asparagus from the verge. DNA testing confirmed that it was the body of Michael, who was formally reported missing in April of last year.
It is understood that Ryan Goodman told the family that Michael had run away to England. But, after almost two months of not hearing from him, his mother reported him missing.
Appearing at court in the nearby town of Xativa, last week, Ryan Goodman told the investigating judge that it had been an accident and he was very sorry.
“I loved my brother and had no intention of killing him,” he said, adding that he had hidden the body because he “was very scared” of the consequences. The judge remanded him to the custody of youth criminal services because he had been 17 years old when the crime was committed.
According to local reports, the brothers, who shared a room in the villa in the hills 35 miles inland from the Costa Blanca, had argued after their mother accused them of stealing money from her purse. Each blamed the other, and after she left the house they came to blows, according to the statement made to police by the accused.
A message posted on the website of the secondary school attended by the dead boy spoke of the tragedy. “It had been two years since Michael attended the school but there are still many here who knew him personally,” said the message from Jose Miguel Martinez, head of the IES in Vallada.
“Those that shared class knew him as a good person and it’s a terrible misfortune that his life has been cut short in such a tragic way.”
A spokesman for the British Embassy said: “We are aware of the arrest of a British national and we are offering consular assistance to the family.”