segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2012

Um texto

Have received quite a few messages this past week from friends/acquaintances, urging me to write more and requesting what I thing we, or the group should DO, regarding reaching a greater audience regarding our beliefs and support for this case.

This is something that I have long considered and have, at times, grown infuriatingly frustrated at the seeming inaction and gullibility of the public, as I know we all have.

I HAVE, however, chilled a little bit in my old age!

I am an Investigative Journalist or undercover reporter, rather than a standard hack, scribe or 'scoop' getter. What that means is that I lack the necessary skills to write concise COPY or to 'produce', so to speak, meaning that I have to follow someone elses script or direction. But this case has taught me FAR more about journalism that anything I have seen in my time within the industry itself.

I have written previously about the Power of the Press and how the dailies have danced to Clarence's tune, (and still DO).

It is as I have previously stated; if you still have a sizeable section of the General Public who believe that the War in Iraq was/is all about terror and Weapons of Mass Destruction, then what chance does anyone have of opening the publics' eyes to what we know to be clear subterfuge regarding Madeleine McCann?

People HAVE to make up their own minds and opinions! It's what democracy is all about. You can't FORCE them to accept your point of view, even when it's obvious!

As the popular saying goes, "you can lead a horse to water but you can make it drink", OR, as my Australian Martial Arts supremo says:-

"you can kick a dead horse all the way from Sydney to Melbourne, but when you get to Melbourne, it's still gonna be f***ing dead!"

BUT, dear friends, I have every confidence that anyone who IS genuinely interested in what happened to Madeleine McCann WILL take it upon themselves to dig a little deeper and try and uncover further facts/evidence surrounding this case. It is THOSE people to whom are continued writings should be aimed at.

TWO very close people in my life, both clever, sensible and articulate people do NOT believe that the McCanns were in any way complicit in the disappearance of their daughter.
One, the Mother of my Journalist colleague who is a wonderful, clever and loving woman, a Mother herself, can NOT accept that the seemingly heartbroken exterior of Kate is anything other than genuine. Consequently, that is sufficient evidence for her to refrain from delving deeper into the case and NOTHING that one can say to her will make her deviate from her beliefs.

The OTHER person is my dear, departed journalist colleague, Nigel, a far better Journalist than I; smart, quick, erudite and measured. His feeling? That it would be impossible for ANYONE to maintain such a front, such a pretence, without cracking up and confessing........

A VALID point, arguably. But of course, he never got to review the evidence as we know it to be.

I DO, however, take comfort in the fact that there are a great many people, those who DO take the time and interest to look beyond the Sun headlines and editorials, who believe that there is clearly more to this case than meets the eye.

These people do not need to study the evidence or our writings and comments, or those comments elsewhere that refute the McCanns claims. They need only to study the deeds, words and actions of the couple themselves, (and their team), over the past 5 years to see the conflicting testimonies, the inaccuracies and the ludicrous, (sorry, Clarence), assertions.

So do NOT give up in the quest to spread the word! If you need inspiration, think of the poor Portuguese who have GENUINELY suffered because of this case!

Paul Rees is to be admirably supported in his quest to reach a wider audience regarding the abominations that the British Press, (and our GOVERNMENT), have inflicted on Portugal, our TRUE historical oldest ally.

More importantly, pay no HEED to the ramblings of the Twitter trolls with whom we spend time arguing with. They do not CARE about nor do they want to know the evidential points of the case. They are driven by forces known only to themselves. I am certain that for most of them, they genuinely ARE acting as an orchestrated force, programmed to all sing from the same hymn sheet, and I know for a FACT that many of them do not even believe the words they themselves utter.

For them, it is the conflict and battle that appeals, not the cause.

As for those that simply prefer to chant with crystals, light candles or compose & sing saccharine sweet, vomit inducing ballads of hope.

Just keep in mind that horse from Sydney to Melbourne.....

Happy Birthday, Madeleine, wherever you may be.