quarta-feira, 9 de maio de 2012

spam from teamMc

Os rastos dos ProCasalMcC.

Did Drs McCann contact the site and request the removal of the image before calling in the heavies to issue demands?

Carter Ruck may like to look at JATYK2 forum for the culprit(s) if the site was hacked.  Poster ‘crazytony’, a self-acclaimed ‘computer expert’,  on the JATYK2 website claimed early yesterday that the site had been hacked and that he knew the culprit’s identity (See images below)

In the meantime, Low Cost Travel group’s Lawrence Hunt, has reportedly indicated that initial inquiries had traced the image to a Chinese marketing firm.

Note ‘BB1′s’ comment directly following ‘crazytony’s’ claim that “someone sent the link to the” so called anti-mccanns, “Yup, it was like watching a Mexican wave”.