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E, começo por esta: ( 2 do mesmo género SF/AL).
Tonella: invulgar és tu.

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1. 25 of April is the commemorative date of the end of the dictatorship in Portugal in 1974, known asCarnation Revolution.
2. Meaning: whether or not it is of value.
3. PM Pedro Passos Coelho met British Prime Minister David Cameron at Nº10 Downing Street in London on 18 April 2012.
4. Operation Grange team comprises 28 detectives and seven civilian support staff.
5. The "195 new leads conclusion" was announced to the world in a BBC Panorama show broadcast last week, after one year of reviewing the Judiciary Police investigation case files, the "work" of dubious quality and unknown results done by the several private detectives (Kevin Halligen, Metodo 3) hired by the McCann couple and the work by the English police in cooperation with the PJ. According to the UK media the review has cost UK taxpayers two million pounds so far and there is not a foreseeable deadline for its conclusion.
6. Gonçalo Amaral wants to reopen Maddie's process May 4, 2009 and Amaral and former policemen are investigating the “Maddie” case April 30, 2009
7. Direcção Central do Combate ao Banditismo (DCCB) da Polícia Judiciária, that is the 'Central Directorate of Fight Against Crime' or 'General Anti-Crime Directorate' of the Judiciary Police substituted by the Unidade Nacional Contra-Terrorismo (UNCT) that is the 'National Unit Against Terrorism'.
8. Read: 'Special Unit from the Judiciary Police found Carina'
9. Perhaps a reference to «She is consumed with the hunt for her daughter, every day she will spend 3 hours reading documents, looking for the vital clue which will answer the question that has tortured her and Gerry for 21 agonising months.» in Mirror tabloid, Jan. 31, 2009 or more likely, to the record analysis and read of the whole process that has dozens of volumes, thousands of pages and to the moment of its archival by the two prosecutors related to the case, all made in 20 days, between the 1st of July and the 21st of July of 2008.
10. Read: McCann affair: PJ Inspector caught in internet trap March 10, 2012
11. Idiomatic expression "pôr-se em bicos de pés", literal translation "to stand on tiptoe", meaning someone who talks too much about an issue that they know nothing about, or someone who seeks attention/notoriety without having the full facts in their power.

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