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2 august 2011

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns and those scurrilous CURRY Munchers!

"Our private investigators are aware of the reports from India over the weekend about a possible sighting of Madeleine” Clarence Mitchell, McCann spokesperson.
"We have confirmed and re-confirmed from our officers on the ground in Leh and there is no report of the missing girl having been found" Deputy Inspector General of police, Abdul Gani Mir.
 "We are liaising with the Indian authorities over the incident and await the results of the DNA test." Clarence Mitchell.

 "This incident is not in my knowledge and I have not sent any request to anyone for this. We have not taken any swabs for DNA testing. We have not even been approached for any help by anyone in this case. If anyone wants our help, we are willing to help but as of now, we have not been approached. My men are not at all involved in any such investigation." Leh police chief Vivek Gupt.

 "Kate and Gerry do not believe the child seen in India was Madeleine. They have seen photographic evidence and concluded that it was not her” Clarence Mitchell

"This fake story will give the Indian police a bad name....we will be perceived as inefficient, when in the fact the first WE heard about this story was when we read the fictitious account in the Tribune. I mean, where are the PHOTOGRAPHS to corroborate this story? There are none, because it was all made up. No child believed to be Madeleine McCann was ever seen in Leh, no one was taken into custody, no photographs were taken, no one was contacted in England. The entire episode was a hoax. Why Mr Singh wrote the story, or if he was paid to do so, and by whom, I do not know." Sanjay Guptil, Leh Police 

Clarence?? Your call..........