domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

Pink Pinky

The apartment is owned by Ruth Margaret McCann, who is "unrelated" to the McCanns according to family spokesperson Clarence Mitchell.

O que disse  T.S. acerca da avó?
Que conhecia o 5A pois tinha lá passado temporadas, por causa dos avós, e conhecia bem o interior além de ter saudades dos tempos no dito apartamento

The apartment A, number 5, locate at Rua Dr. Agostinho da Silva, Montes da Luz Urbanization, Praia da luz, is registered with the number 3666. 
In 2001 the house was bought by a kind of society belonging to Daniel John Aldred, his daughter Donna Michelle Aldred (from his first marriage), Michael William McCann and his wife, Ruth Margaret McCann.
Michael McCann born in Devonport, Plymouth was a widower when he married Margaret Ruth Pittaway, 53, who was also widowed in 1987.
In 2005, Michael and Ruth bought the part of the Aldred couple giving each of them 50% of the apartment. 
Later in July 2006 Michael McCann died in Liverpool and in November of the same year Ruth McCann inherited his part becoming the only proprietor.

Martin Brunt, Sky News Crime Correspondent, said in his blog of 20 December 2007 that he had asked the McCanns spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell, why the apartment from where Madeleine disappeared was registered to an owner called McCann. 

Brunt says: "I had to pester him for an answer, which only added to my suspicion that it was Gerry and Kate's second home and for some reason they had pretended it was a holiday rental.

We finally nailed it. The place belongs to a Ruth McCann, a teacher in Liverpool (where Kate is from), who inherited it from her late husband.

She told us she was no relation to Madeleine's family and hoped she wouldn't be pestered after my inquiry.

In fact, she was more interested in learning whether she was likely to get compensation from the police who have, at last, kept the apartment as a locked crime scene.

The chance of the McCanns renting a holiday home from someone of the same name is 7,500-to-one."