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Someone has recently drawn my attention to this page on Yahoo Answers.


McCanns are protecting their secret life!?

McCanns- this is a message for all you would be investigators-focus on who was at the resort and who was sitting at the table the night Madeline(*)disappeared, find pictures, speak to staff- Don't believe that all have been accounted for!
Look for a very high up city senior executive with connections to an influential MP.
I know he was at the table that night but his name has never appeared in any press articles. His MP friend has close connections with Clarence Mitchell whose initial task was not to help the McCanns but to avoid dragging this Senior Executive into the events.
This senior executive was there to engage in a swingers party, which those at the McCann table were apart of.
Investigative Journalism should uncover the rest.

Posted by Chaz
2007-10-11 02:32.39.

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For those who think this is just another go at the McCanns you are wrong. The press are very worried about dealing with this story and the facts I have listed.

The government got involved by default an MP doing a friend a favour, hence Clarence Mitchell has been detached from any link with theGovernment.

I have printed this because I believe once we get through the lies surrounding the events of the night, and these are lies, we will reveal the truth as to what happened to Madeline.”

Comments on this page:
This is what happens every time team McCann get involved and try to deflect the message back to searching for Madeline.
Let's get everyone telling the truth first and go from there.

I am not questioning their secret life, more than that they have not told the truth. How can we get to the bottom of this if they don't divulge everything?

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trancebabe is right. If you know something, you should speak. Otherwise, what you are saying will be considered another rumour and will die here.

Edit: thanks Tim :-) Still hot like summer here … I thought it would be a wise decision to put a hat on for sun protection.

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* the spelling of Madeline is given as it appears on this page

The important thing to note is the date of this page. The PJ files had not yet been released.
If Chaz was correct, he/she had to be either an “insider” or be connected to an insider. There was no other way of knowing who the guests were on that holiday and in particular, their dining arrangements.

By insider, we mean a person at the resort at that time. Team Textusa, on the other hand are outsiders, in that we were not there and have no personal connections to anyone involved. Unless, that is, certain people have deceived us.
We do not believe:
- there was any dining at the Tapas that night,
- in the existence of the large, round table,
- that the children were neglected, either partially with checking or totally with no checking at all.