sexta-feira, 13 de abril de 2012

impostos por causa do casal McCann

McCanns: how much have Kate and Gerry cost the UK taxpayer ?

Posted on  by BHX

We read that the public relations services supplied to the McCanns by the UK government were at least £12,000 and that was just for Clarence Mitchell (a former BBC News presenter now working as a senior government spin-doctor), and Sheree Dodd (a former Daily Mirror journalist and long-serving senior spokeswoman for the Government). They must of also had the back up of numerous civil servants.
We also have to consider the cost of our Police forensics and DNA tests in Birmingham having to produce evidence.
When we add up additional consular support and any other little bits of assisstance, how much have the McFrauds cost the British Taxpayer ?
Note of caution - I would not include any of the costs spent DIRECTLY looking for Madeleine, such as the official Government poster at airports/seaports etc

There is probably also the question of how much they have cost the Portuguese taxpayer, but thats a question for the Portuguese YA (if they had one)