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Dos 3 há menos um! Porque TS.....

Debunking Urban Myths: The Pimpleman

Desmascarando Mitos Urbanos: O homem com acne

A boa notícia é que nós provamos aqui que pelo menos uma das três testemunhas do mockumentary, TS, mentiu.
Há  menos um homem com  acne por aí.

About our post A Mockery Within A Mockery it was called to our attention the following comment at MMF:

Re: New post from Textusa

ann_chovey on Fri 13 Apr 2012, 8:48 pm

This 'suspect' had already been found, named as MICHAEL ANTHONY GREEN and eliminated from the inquiry, with all details presented in thePJ files.

The image below is from 'Madeleine was here' channel 4 documentary, (the one where Gerry arrives at the 'locked' back door and KM asks the twins..'shall we let him in'...Lol)

I presume this was run by the McCs beforehand but I have to say he looks neither spotty, ugly or remotely like the Pimpleman sketch."

It seems that there is a perception that Pimpleman has already been found, at least in two of his three versions.

About “TS’s Pimpleman” version, ann_chovey’s words couldn’t be more clear: “This 'suspect' had already been found, named as MICHAEL ANTHONY GREEN”

The McCann files corroborate this in the link provided above, where there's a “verdict” for each one of the Mockumentary witnesses:

For Witness One (JW’s):

"Verdict: It has not been possible to locate this witness statement in the PJ files which were issued to journalists. It may be contained in files that the McCanns' lawyers have gained access to, which are still under judicial secrecy, or possibly from information they have received direct from the public or through Método 3."

For Witness two (TS's):

"Verdict: This 'suspect' had already been found, named as MICHAEL ANTHONY GREEN and eliminated from the inquiry, with all details presented in the PJ files."

Witness three (DF's):

"Verdict: This 'suspect' had already been found, named as BARRINGTON GODFREY NORTON and eliminated from the inquiry, with all details presented in the PJ files"

So, as said, it appears that 2 out of 3 Pimpleman versions have been found. Only JW’s version is still at large. And about this one, we already know that to say "It may be contained in files that the McCanns' lawyers have gained access to, which are still under judicial secrecy",means absolutely nothingas there is no such thing as the Unpublished PJ Files. Only documents and statements that were conveniently left out of the PJ Files, and not by the PJ. 

But as we’ll see, not only that is not exactly the case, as it is CLEAR that it is NOT the case.

Let’s see what the PJ Files final report has to say on the subject:

About  Witness two (TS) the PJ Files final report says:

"As of pg 800, it was made the inquiry of TMS, who saw on two occasions and in as many days, an individual observing the apartment from whichMadeleine disappeared. A photo-fit was made based on the indications, not being, however, achieved its identification, being certain that diligences were made that led to the identification of MICHAEL ANTHONY GREEN, who was subject to various diligences without incriminating results, pgs 632 to 726 of volume III, Appendix VI. Besides this individual, other diligences of the same sort were made, also without fruitful results for the investigation, as is told on Appendix VI"

It seems clear there wasn’t made any identification with the photo-fit made from TS’s indication.

It seems also clear that no incriminating results were found against MICHAEL ANTHONY GREEN.

It’s clear that "Pimpleman-TS version" hasn’t been found.

About  Witness three (DF) the PJ Files final report says:

“A witness, DEREK FLACK, heard at page 200, reported the presence of a suspect, who was supposedly looking at the intended apartment, near a white van, pg. 145 and following ones. It wasn’t possible to identify this person, although a photo-fit was made, pg 205. However, we believe existing very strong possibilities of being construction workers – who were there making small works - a gardener (pg. 973), or BARRINGTON NORTON (pg. 833), inquired as per pg. 704. The latter is a regular frequenter of Praia da Luz, exercising the activity of musician on the streets of the town. Nothing was found relevant to the investigation.”.

So it’s clear that “It wasn’t possible identify this person, although a photo-fit was made, pg 205”. It just can’t get any much clearer than that.

It says that the PJ strongly believed that Pimpleman, DF version, could be one of the following:

- construction workers (notice the plural);

- a gardener;


Nowhere does it say it is BARRIGTON NORTON. It says it could be him as much as it says it could be a gardener but it DOES say clearly that it"wasn't possible to identify this person".

About identifying Norton as "his" Pimpleman, Derek Flack has to say this on May 9th 2007:

“Thus, in the sequence of having been shown such photographs, DEREK FLACK would refer that, although he could not recognize the individual in question in a peremptory way (as, otherwise, had been consigned within the respective inquiry), the physical features of BARRINGTON NORTON would be, broadly speaking, similar to those of the individualwhose presence he reported during his hearing in the present case.

Still, enhancing that he’s unable to undertake any formal recognition(because reiterates not having able to view in detail the individual in question), the witness would make the point of highlighting that the individual whom he had intended to refer to within the inquiry would appear to be much younger than the above identified BARRINGTON NORTON.”

It would have been very unlikely and strange for Norton to be recognized as DF's Pimpleman as the man Flack describes to the PJ was “Caucasian individual and dark complexion, of medium height, about 1.70 to 1.75 meters tall, appearing to be about 25 to 35 years old, while Norton was56.

It's clear that "Pimpleman-DF Version", hasn't also been found.

Concluding, nowhere does it say in the PJ Files that Pimpleman has been found in any of his three versions.

So Mothers of Algarve, Morocco, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, India and someplace else that I forgot to mention, lock up your children at night as Pimpleman is still OUT THERE!

UNLESS the witnesses JW (probably Jeni Weinberger), TS and Derek Flack have LIED, then Pimpleman is out there prowling, standing alonethis very moment in some street in broad daylight observing attentively and ostensibly some house... and that house could just be yours...

It’s with your safety in mind that we, as you’ve noticed, are lately dissecting the various witness statements about the Pimpleman in the Mockumentary.

One never knows what important information one can find.

To find, a verb that is definitely NOT applicable when it comes toPimpleman

The good news is that we’ve proven at this point that at least one of the three Mockumentary witnesses, TS, has lied. That's one less Pimpleman out there.



Direct speech –Gonçalo Amaral, former coordinator of the process
“Description without value”
Correio da Manhã – Why did you never reveal these two photofits?

Gonçalo Amaral – We didn’t divulge those photos because we cannot go on revealing photofit after photofit. Even more so because we identified the person and it was a musician who was perfectly known in the area. It made no sense.

But were the testimonies by Derek Flack and Lance Purser credible?

There is the testimony from two English persons who reportedly saw a suspect in the surroundings of the Ocean Club. That person was identified by us. The description by one of them ends up being of no value, because at a certain point he says he could not identify him if he saw him.

source: Correio da Manhã, 07.08.2008, paper edition

Algarve resident hounded by Madeleine McCann case

Updated: 18-Aug-2009


A guitar teacher who lives in the Algarve has hit out at British Sunday tabloid the News of the World after it named him as someone, it believes, private investigators should speak with in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Barrington Norton, who teaches classical guitar to children in the Lagos and Luz areas, believes the report in Sunday’s edition could “threaten his current way of life”.

The article, Maddie cops: 5 to quiz, claimed that investigators working for the McCanns are looking for five new witnesses who were all living near Praia da Luz at the time Madeleine disappeared and says “Our own investigation uncovered Barrington Norton, 58, who lives in a van, but was quizzed at the time.”

Barrington Norton, who contacted the Algarve Resident this week, says a reporter approached him while he was busking in Lagos.

“He knew things about me that he shouldn’t, including details about my wife and my bank account and he has since told me not to worry about what has been written about me in the paper. Before all of this happened to me, I used to be a happy-go-lucky person but the papers keep on digging up bullshit about me that doesn’t even exist and I am fed up with it all. I just want this all to end,” he told the Algarve Resident.

“I love kids and I am so proud of all my students.  Parents trust me with their children because their kids enjoy their lessons and see me as someone they can relate to.”

Barrington Norton lives in his white van in the Luz and Lagos areas and was questioned by Portuguese police in relation to the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann at the time of the initial investigation.

“I have never hidden the fact that I was interviewed, but so were several other drivers of white vans. I cooperated fully with investigators and dogs searched my van but police found nothing to connect me to the case and I have not been contacted since.

“My van was parked near the McCanns’ apartment but that is because I was shopping at the Baptista supermarket. I do not have an alibi for the night because I was asleep in my van alone but the police know all of this,” he said.

“After I spoke to the reporter from the News of the World, I contacted the Find Madeleine Fund because I was under the impression that they wanted to interview me.

“However, the investigators got back to me and told me that they were not looking to speak with me and if they had wanted an interview they would have requested one much earlier than now.”

Barrington Norton told the Algarve Resident that he hoped he could now finally move on from any connection with the McCann case. “I am not hiding from anyone. I just want to get on with my life.”

The Algarve Resident contacted both the News of the World and the Find Madeleine Fund but at the time of going to press, both had failed to make a comment.

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