terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

Com Gonçalo Amaral !

Panorama also interviews Goncalo Amaral, initially the lead investigator for the Portuguese Policia Judiciaria, who was removed the case after he made outspoken criticism of British involvement in the investigation. He admits to mistakes, saying:
“It’s a fact that our investigation had its faults and lost a lot of time, lots of time. And a lot of things didn’t get followed up. And I’m just as much to blame for that as anyone else.”

Desculpe, GA, mas como conseguia evitar tudo o que aquele grupo restrito, o alargado e o ainda muito mais alargado sempre fez e faz ? 
Não tem culpa!  

E quanto a esta figura por de mais conhecida pelas piores razões: 

Parece que está a alinhar no programa completo da lavagem; i.e. com pré lavagem e temperatura alta:

Isabel Duarte, the civil lawyer in Portugal who acts for the McCann family in their libel action against Amaral, says it's not a popular fight.
“I feel alone because I don’t feel support, not in public opinion. I have friends that don’t want to talk to me about the case because everyone believes in Goncalo Amaral. Everyone believes that I am defending a father and mother that have killed their daughter and got rid of the corpse.”

Portuguese police were forced to admit that they were also conducting a review of the Madeleine McCann case as a result of Panorama’s investigation. ??? McCann production?