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Coitado do Edgar. Só discrepâncias no script.

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Derek Flack

The Mockumentary also introduces a couple from Cheshire as witnesses. The initials on the white board are DF, so this must be Derek Flack and his partner Christine Dale. Mr Flack also makes a statement about the man he witnessed.

This must be Witness 5 in Kate's book, who was walking down Rua Dr Francisco Gentil Martins with his partner. The day is uncertain: eitherWednesday 2 May of Thursday 3rd 2007.
The man was standing by the wall near the car park, opposite the entrance to the swimming pool and the Tapas restaurant. The witness described the man staring fixedly at an area close to apartment 5A, where a white van was parked.

The description is a man aged 25-35, 5ft.7-5ft.9 inches, medium build,thick dark hair ; wearing a plain light coloured T-shirt. Caucasian with dark skin; assumed to be Portuguese.

Why the man is assumed to be Portuguese isn't clear.

The reader is then referred to sketch number 3 in the book, which shows a man with no pimples and no glasses, appearing to be within the age group given.

According to Kate, however,  having perused the files for the first time inAugust 2008,  only learns then of the sightings by 4 independent witnesses in the 5 days prior to Madeleine's disappearance.
She looks at sightings 3 to 8 and states that these witness reports are highly relevant to the investigation. She says that the individuals may not be the same in all case, there were common characteristics suggesting some if not all of the sightings could be related.
She obviously distrusted the conclusions reached by the PJ in relation to Vanman, who is identified in the files as Barrington Norton. He is not in the age group given in the description on which the sketch is based as he was 56.

Kate's book mentions the trip to the beach on Tuesday May 1st. They borrowed a double buggy, but as the afternoon was rainy and they returned from the beach to buy ice creams for the 3 children. She then recounts how they went to a market stall to buy sunglasses and explains why she describes these minute details.  “ Every single apparently inconsequential thing that happened on that holiday would become vitally important.”
Vanman/ Musicman is not mentioned here, nor in the statements of Kate or Gerry McCann, although the ice creams are mentioned.

Gonçalo Amaral mentions Tuesday May 1st and gives a more comprehensive account than Kate's book.
In the afternoon from 13.30. all 3 children were taken to the beach by their parents, but they only stayed for 20 minutes because of the weather.Madeleine eats an ice cream on a terrace and close by, whilst a guitarist who looks like a tramp plays Latino music and collects money.
The book also refers to Vanman/ Musicman, as I'll call him.
On Tuesday May 8th the white van is seen near the Ocean Club, driven by a man who looks like a tramp. It belonged to an itinerant music teacher who Gerry McCann, according to Mr Amaral, passed on the promenade on the day that he bought an ice cream for Madeleine. He states that he was identified as the person seen near apartment 5A, in the van which he used to live in.
“The follow up investigation totally rules him out”

The couple from CHESHIRE?

In the Mockumentary, when speaking about Flack, the narrator says:"Witness number three is a man with his partner from Cheshire, he gave a statement to the Police, describing a man he’d seen near the apartment."

Derek Flack and his partner lived in Ilford in Essex. For any readers unfamiliar with UK geography, these counties are nowhere near each other, being on opposite sides of England. His statement gives the Ilford postcode and press reports refer to Mr Flack being the Neghbourhood Watch co-ordinator; a voluntary position, co-ordinating the activities of neighbours who try to keep their communities safe by watching out for criminal activity. One would assume Mr Flack was an observant guy, always on the look- out for suspicious activity.

Dave Edgar assisted the Mockumentary with his whiteboard. He would know where Cheshire was, as he worked for the Cheshire Police force before his career as a PI. The only couple from Cheshire that we recall were the Moyes.

Another “Edgar discrepancy”? Using Kate’s words, one discrepancy, two discrepancies – maybe they’re still discrepancies. Any more than that and it stops being discrepancy.

The other two (and counting...) :