segunda-feira, 5 de março de 2012


And from my Xxxxxxx a poem :

I wish I could fly
to a place so far, far away
inches from where I am
but miles from where I feel
carrying with me
all the friendship
that I feel hugging me
enough to feed
not just one lifetime
but so many others
with slobbering seconds to spare
dripping down my chin

the only dripping I feel
are just tears
running down the cheeks
hurrying to join forces
on strengthless wings

I can but can’t
should but am unable
just capable of feeling lonely
in the midst of the warmest of friendships
that scalds me for only being able
to hold on self-pity

pitiful, unfair, unjust


you say the wind
will blow all the water away
and that the sun
is to dry up all the feathers

all I can promise
is that I’ll try to believe you.


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