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McCann versus Ramsey



Team McCann comparable to Team Ramsey
02 MAR

The following comment by ‘Haze’ was left elsewhere on McCannExposure, we believe it warrants a blog entry of it’s own.

In the wake of Madeleine’s disappearance, the conduct of ‘Team McCann’ was practically a carbon copy of ‘Team Ramsey’ after the murder of Jonbenet, to such an extent that it appears the McCann’s followed their lead and used the same blueprint.

Like Kate and Gerry McCann, Patsy and John Ramsey thoroughly contaminated the crime scene by inviting numerous friends over, including their pastor. This was regardless of the fact that the ransom note warned them unequivocally, their child would be executed if they spoke to anyone, even a stray dog.

When the 10:00 a.m. deadline for the ransom money of $118,000 came and went, the Ramsey’s were unconcerned.

Both the Ramsey’s and McCann’s claimed their daughter had been kidnapped and the other siblings slept soundly throughout the commotion, but there was no sign of forced entry in either case. The Ramsey’s implicated disgruntled employees, nannies and close friends, while the McCann’s found a scapegoat in Robert Murat. After they hired their own private detectives phantom suspects came flooding in, creating false leads and wasting time.

The blundering Boulder police failed to discover the garrotted and bludgeoned body of Jonbenet in the basement as they were clearly meant to, so after waiting for six hours, John Ramsey made his way through a labyrinth of rooms to the cellar and retrieved the corpse himself.

In so doing, he destroyed much of the forensic evidence which could have nailed his child’s killer. As for the McCann’s, who were preoccupied penning their timeline while the locals in Praia da Luz searched for their missing daughter, there was no evidence of abduction at the Ocean Club.

The Ramsey’s immediately hired the best attorneys and PR their millions could buy and evaded police questioning, preferring to appear on CNN, where they lied about cooperating with the investigation. Their defence lawyers were in cahoots with the District Attorney Office and hindering detectives. The parents, who were the main suspects, demanded access to confidential police files and every detail of the case was leaked to the press. Similarly, the McCann’s did TV interviews, but answered “no comment” to forty-eight crucial questions which may have provided answers. Their itinerary was financed by high-power British tycoons.

‘Team Ramsey’ invoked images of a killer on the loose and ‘Team McCann’ pursued a predator, who didn’t strike again. The Ramsey entourage, the “Lunch Bunch” closed ranks, as if they didn’t want the case solved, like the “Tapas 9” who had a ‘pact of silence.’ The frustrated Boulder detectives bore the brunt of this stonewalling and were accused of incompetence like their counterparts in Portugal, the Polícia Judiciária, who were denied permission by the Home Office to examine the McCann’s credit card and bank statements, phone records or Madeleine’s medical history. The D.A. also refused warrants for the Ramsey’s records, cutting off an all important paper-trail.

The Ramsey’s first photo-op was staged outside the front door of St. John’s Church in Atlanta, to appear to the public as grieving Christian parents.

These unsolved mysteries occurred during the holiday season, Jonbenet was murdered at Christmas and Madeleine vanished during a summer vacation, both stressful times which, according to FBI psychologists, can trigger violent behaviour. 

The conclusion drawn by the police in both cases was that death had not been intentional and a cover-up followed. Paediatric experts deduced from autopsy reports that Jonbenet had suffered “chronic sexual abuse” over a period of time, but there won’t be a post-mortem for Madeleine and her parents still claim she is alive.

Oprah provided a platform for them to plead their innocence, but despite agreeing to take polygraph tests, they never did. Such are the many parallels in these two cases. It’s as though ‘Team McCann’ thought that since this strategy worked for ‘Team Ramsey’ it would also be effective for them. Neither of the couples was prosecuted and professionals in all fields chose to ignore glaring discrepancies and accept the parent’s far-fetched version of events. Anybody who contradicts them is lambasted as “cruel and insensitive” but justice has not been served for these children.

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