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K8 10 páginas sobre férias baratas na Pdl


Sat 31 Mar 2012, 12:38 pm by HiDeHo
How suspiciously contrived that Gerry recollects specific moments already known, detailed and discussed in the forums, 'how beautiful she looked', and those moments at the pool when the 'last' picture was taken.

Similarly, Kate recollects the clothes Madeleine was wearing at the pool in detail, but peach, (Amelie's colour) top, instead of pink. Co-incidentally the other clothing she describes in detail is from the tennis photo.

Typically enforcing the known 'facts' instead of the thousands of other 'moments' that should have occurred during that week. (Unless, of course there weren't too many)

Kate's book seems to be one big contrived effort to enforce the 'facts' as we already know them having been discussed on the forums when there SHOULD be many, many other moments that we haven't already been 'told' about? 

I physically went through the description of the holiday in the book and highlighted discrepancies and contrived comments and looked for new information that we didn't already know. I found little if any.

I have created an image so one can better see the content of the text describing the 'holiday'. One would expect it to be full of details about what they did on the holiday that is not contained in the files, if only to give some credence to Madeleine's activities for those of us that suggest something may have happened to Madeleine earlier in the holiday.

I would have expected descriptions about the crafts that Madeleine had completed in the creche...How she was practicing her dance for the Friday, some of the little things that happened while she was having high tea, how she popped off one day and hid in the gardens...but...nothing...just a description of what is in the files...a very SHORT description.

Less than 10 pages in total for Sunday to Thursday (In 'Word' format the book is approx 170 pages) and this book was supposedly about the 'truth' about that week?

3 Pages for Sunday
1 paragraph for Monday! (this is when Madeleine was taken out of the creche after 15 mins)
1 Page approx for Tuesday
1 Page for Wednesday
3 1/2 Pages for Thursday

All of them riddled with contrived comments (green) and discrepancies (red)

One of my posts can be longer than Kate's description of the holiday! :s_biggrin