quinta-feira, 22 de março de 2012

Com "bom aspecto" segundo a K8.


..... "We got our information from the PJ Files and nowhere else, because it wasn't anywhere else at the time.

This proves that Kate McCann reads this blog. And that she takes it seriously. So seriously that she felt the need to react to it in her book.

It proves that this blog has forced the other side to make a move, a major move, because now we have the recognition from the McCanns of a sighting of someone exiting the Oldfield’s apartment on the afternoon of May 3rd described as “Caucasian male; fair-skinned, assumed not to be Portuguese; aged 30–40; medium height; medium–slim build; VERY FAIR, cropped hair and not your usual monstrously looking text-book abductor.  "

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