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GA volta à PdL. (em inglês no JM.Blog)

Em inglês, a transcrição do vídeo:

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From 0:00 to 2:10 – Extracts from “Até à Verdade”[To the Truth] show where two Canadians psychics share their experiences regarding Madeleine McCann case with Rita Ferro Rodrigues (English).

2:10 – Extract from that same show with Criminologist Francisco Moita Flores [FMF] comment: “It is surprising for someone to discover the golf course and a ravine, a ravine with a steep downslide… I don’t know, I believe the ravine is important. I would look at it again. 

Rita Ferro Rodrigues [RFR]: Francisco, if you were the investigator you would look at it again?

FMF: It’s always good to have a look again, regardless of the provenance of the information, where one has searched before.
2:40 – Cut to Júlia Pinheiro’s morning talk show.

Júlia Pinheiro [JP]: Those were the mediums of “Até à Verdade” on the Madeleine McCann case. Hello, Hernâni.

Hernâni Carvalho [HC]: Good afternoon, dear Júlia.

JP: Good afternoon, dear Hernâni. Would you like to make a comment on the information that we just watched?

HC: They are very interesting… In Portugal there is a certain scepticism regarding this kind of people. I do not have to have an opinion on that at least that is not the important issue, in my opinion. And it is not important, because, either the institutions are useful with all the methods that they use or they are not, that is, there were, at certain moments people who wanted to request the help of the FBI to assist the investigation. Well, we should start by saying that the FBI does seek advice from psychics in difficult cases. So, either…

03:30: [Lower Third] Maddie disappeared almost five years ago…

JP: In the Anglo-Saxon culture, namely in England, that also happens.

HC: Exactly. 

JP: Specifically these same mediums.

HC: Precisely. In England, and in Canada, as you said, in the Anglo-Saxon culture this is also used.

JP: These gentlemen are Canadian.

HC: It should be said that Scotland Yard also works with people that say that they feel those things, and in Canada the authorities that make criminal investigations also consult this kind of people. In the European continent, it is uncommon; however, it is known that some police forces have used mediums, in a more or less overtly manner. The Judiciary Police itself did listen to things, texts, opinions of people who say that they have, let us say, this sensations…

JP: We have Gonçalo Amaral sitting next to you.

04:40 – [Lower Third] To follow: Gonçalo Amaral returns to Praia da Luz. 

HC: Exactly, this was just until he arrived.

JP: Who coordinated the entire investigation. This was just a warm up until he arrived. [Laughs]

HC: So, without wishing to give my opinion relatively to what psychics may feel or not, since we now have here the responsible for the investigation, the first question that I will make him is…

JP: Good afternoon.

Gonçalo Amaral [GA]: Good afternoon.

HC: And the first question is, Gonçalo, did you receive or not information from these people who have a special “phone” to the other side and if you did, did you take that into account or not?

GA: In cases like this one, it is very common for messages to appear, several information, some of which were staggering for the… – for example, a drawing that I remember, an image, it was a figure of a person who resembles someone who would appear in the case. Later on, I am able to say who it was. Nevertheless, we the investigators are men of facts. We rely on facts, in indicia, and we are to some extent sceptic regarding these situations.

HC: So you received that kind of information?

GA: Lots and lots of information, just like the family, who also received, who pondered about a few and even delivered emails and other things to the Judiciary Police, saying were the body could be or where it could have been placed - the Madeleine McCann family. There was something initially, you’ve spoken about the FBI early on, when we considered requesting the FBI assistance, the FBI was always… - the FBI which is an US agency for criminal investigations - …was always willing to help. There was a set back by the National Directorate of the Judiciary Police, due to a possible clash with the English police that was working with us, but the first thing the FBI wanted to do initially was to send us a, let us call it, a clairvoyant, a medium that works with them. Which was…

JP: That was the FBI first procedural step? 

GA: Immediately, in the first days. However, I believe the National Directorate… 

JP: It was SIC who brought them; six years later SIC took care of that. [Laughs]

GA: But it was not those gentlemen [reference to the Canadian mediums who appeared in “Até à Verdade” show].

Stopped at 06:29 – to follow/work in progress [WIP]

SIC - Querida Júlia [Dear Júlia], Morning Talk Show, broadcast by SIC, February 2, 2007

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