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Bem aberta ( a porta, claro)

"I wonder how many other The Sun pages on Maddie and the McCannshave since been wooshed away into thin air… it would certainly be a very interesting statistical study."  com imagens.

"Anonymous said...
Ola mc, tambem gosto muito do seu Blog. Sempre que posso, Passo por la.
Tambem me parece uma matricula portuguesa, mas nao vi muito bem.
Tinha a impressao que as inglesas tem fundo amarelo.
Pode ser um carro emprestado. Mas a senhora e entao uma surpresa. .... Mais amiga de rua do que parece no depoimento que fez a policia, embora ela tivesse de fazer compras como qualquer pessoa.
Pelos sacos, parecem compras de supermercado.
Nao ha um supermercado mesmo a frente do OC? O Baptista.
Com um supermercado perto, vai de carro a outro para comprar tao pouca coisa?
Feb 29, 2012 9:33:00 PM"


"Hello mc, I also really like your blog. Whenever I can, I go there.
It also seems to me to be a Portuguese licence plate, but I didn’t see it very well.
I had the impression that the British ones have a yellow background.
It may be a borrowed car. But the lady is really a surprise. .... much more street friendly than she seemed in the statement that she made to the police, although she had to shop just like anyone else.
From the bags, it seems to be supermarket shopping.
Isn’t there a supermarket just in front of the OC? The Baptista.
With a supermarket nearby, she goes by car to another for so little?"

First of all, let us, for a proud moment, pat ourselves on our backs for our readership.

It’s just so stimulating to have our readers spot what we haven’t, and we do hope to create in all of you a similar kind of response with our posts.

Today, we have to congratulate yet another reader, who pointed out what is so evident to us all, but we didn’t see it until s/he showed it to us: why does Mrs Fenn use a car to go shopping goods that fill up only two grocery bags when she happens to have the Baptista Supermarketabout two hundred yards away, if that far?

That’s what I call a “slap-on-own-forehead” moment for not having it seen it myself.

It would be the most logical for Mrs Fenn to use a shopping trolley as the one pictured above to go to the same supermarket where the McCanns, who, supposedly, stayed in the apartment below hers, supposedly did buy their bottle of wine, supposedly from New Zealand, which they supposedly drank just before supposedly going to dine where, supposedly wine was available in large quantities and supposedly included in the meal price which we’re still to know what it is till this day.

And they, the McCanns didn’t drive there, they walked, and we know how grumpy they are about walking big distances…

So why did Mrs Fenn drive to the supermarket just down the road?

It could be that she had to go much further away, to a larger supermarket, in Lagos, for example, because she needed to buy something specific that wasn’t available at Baptista’s.

We don’t think so, but, as always, we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Let me now try and return the favour to our reader, by exposing something else in SIC’s video, the one which we’ve been talking about lately, that people have noticed, but not quite understood the huge blunder it does really represent. At least in our opinion.

I know, that we’ve almost dissected the thing to bits, but it just keeps on giving information, so what are we to do?

We have to let you know what we see, mustn’t we? And by the way, after this post, we’re still not finished with it.

It’s amazing the amount of information one can gather from such a short,apparently harmless, news report, isn’t it?

Let’s now try and understand what we've been theoretically shown.

First we have to assume, because it plays in Mrs Fenn’s favour, that shedoesn’t have any of those shopping trolleys shown, and decides to use her car to drive just couple of hundred yards and buy two grocery bags of goods at the Baptista Supermarket.

We also assume that she doesn’t need to go to any other major supermarket. A couple of hundred yards drive down the road, a couple of hundred yards drive back.

So the “script” (for us without the double commas) appears to be the following:

Mrs Fenn, in her car, leaves the house to go shopping at Baptista’s;

Drives about two hundred yards, parks her car near the said Supermarket;

Enters the Baptista Supermarket, and chooses, from the various aisles whatever she wants to buy and heads for the cashier;

Pays for the goods, walks to where her car is parked, and places the two grocery bags inside the trunk;

Drives back a couple of hundred yards, and parks her car in front of the apartment block where, supposedly, the flat where she lives in is;

Exits the car and is surprised by the SIC journalists.

And from this point on we have “visual” contact with Mrs Fenn.

We see her, as you recall, vehemently denying ever speaking to journalists, saying that what they write is rubbish, and asking/telling everyone to forget all about it;

We see her go to the back of the car, and take out what appears to be a single shopping bag, but our eyes trick us, for later we see that it was two of them, closes the car’s trunk with what we perceive to be, wrongly again,unexpectedly free hands;

We see her walking from the car to what supposedly is her flat with the two shopping bags, where, on the way, she encounters a man, who she seems to know and he seems to be expecting her arrival, but who, very ungentlemanly, doesn’t help the elderly lady carry those two bags;

And we see them both entering the G5 apartment, the one that is immediately above 5A.

I hope I got all the sequence right, and if I haven’t do feel free to correct.

Now the question one must to ask is the following: as the G5 door is wide open when Mrs Fenn and her male companion enter the apartment, for how long has it been like that?

I mean, really, really as wide open as can be seen: ( imagens no blog de Textusa)

I see only two possibilities.

The first, most obvious, is that there were people inside all this time, the second, less obvious, but apparently more realistic, is that she went shopping and left the door open. Wide open.

To have people inside, means that she had to have ongoing some kind of renovating works inside the apartment, and the man seen on the video, was but one of those working inside

We know that she lived alone, and if she was to be with a friend, it would only make sense that that friend would accompany her shopping, and not stay in the apartment with the door wide open all this time.

Ok, let’s pretend we buy that she had renovating works going on.

We don’t see any sort of construction material outside, do we? Neither do we see any construction related vehicle parked outside. So we don’t see that to be the reason for the door to be wide open while she went shopping, and that is even assuming she absolutely trusted the workers she, or the OC,eventually had hired.

Renovating works inside apartments are done with the doors closed, unless there’s stuff being taken in or out, and, as said, absolutely nothing indicates that such is the case

We see absolutely no reason for the door to be wide open while people could supposedly be working inside.

But it could be that that man had just come out to have smoking break, and had left the door open?

It could be, indeed. Or could it really?

Why did he have to walk all the way down to the ground floor to have a smoke? He had, as we all can see, right outside the door an entire open corridor to do just that.

And he also had, on the other side of the building, the flat’s balcony with a wonderful view to have a relaxing smoke, didn’t he?

Besides, I’m just digressing. He seems to be holding some sort ofmeasuring tape and having a notebook under his arm. When Mrs Fennapproaches him, she nods him into the direction she wants him to go.

So the man is there waiting outside for her, to do some measurements, for possible future renovating works, not ongoing ones

So no, we're not seeing renovating works to be the reason for that door to be open, wide open.

The only other possibility would be for Mrs Fenn to have left the door wide open when she left for the supermarket. And the door remained open that way during all the time she did all she did and that we detailed above.

After all, besides Maddie’s” abduction”, PdL is an absolutely friendly andsafe town, isn’t it?

Well, not according to… Mrs Fenn, it isn’t.

As you can read on our Thanksgiving post, on August 18th, 2007, exactly 4 days before this video was shot, The Sun reported Mrs Fennhaving said ““Expat Pamela Fenn, 73, told them she disturbed a burglar at her apartment about three weeks before Maddie vanished.

Unsurprisingly, the link to this article in The Sun is no longer available:

I wonder how many other The Sun pages on Maddie and the McCannshave since been wooshed away into thin air… it would certainly be a very interesting statistical study.

But nonetheless, no one can deny that it’s a rather strange behavior, to leave a door wide open and go shopping when you’ve been burgled just a few months before.

Why? As always, we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Post Scriptum: Our next post, is still based on this video, and will be called it “Food for Thought”, but that will be after the weekend. If you don’t mind, until then, it’s time for the family.

But I would just like to say that understanding fully this video will allow you to understand better the “Guerra video”, or Brunt’s video, which I promised to write about but haven’t found the time to do it, yet.


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