quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2012

palavras do João Ferreiro

Gerry McCann was lying through his teeth, as he does with monotonous regularity. 

His wife confesses to having an equal propensity to lie

Welcome to the world of the McCanns....spin and lies are at the heart of them, as they have been since the very beginning

a trap which might lead the pair out of the protected comfort zone of spin and media domination  and towards the courts, 

 malevolence (Duarte’s hallmark) and manifest vindictiveness (characteristic of the McCanns)

Kate McCann’s mental instability had featured in the decision to sue, now another quality of their personalities, their vengefulness, ...would pursue

Duarte had to tell the incredulous –and inevitably furious—pair 

none of the Tapas group are going to testify.

the parents it looks increasingly as though they themselves won’t be called either. The reasons remain a mystery.

the pair –the compulsive lying, the blind vengefulness, the manipulation of the press that seems to have damaged their own view of reality and the strange violence—now documented—of Kate McCann’s personality—are finally catching up with them in the only place that has ever mattered: the courtroom.


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