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"Óbvio" que os Ts vão "ajudar em conformidade" !


By Dr Martin Roberts
04 February 2012



Helping the cops

"The book is full of inferences and deductions," said Isabel Duarte, two years ago, of former lead detective Goncalo Amaral's book, The Truth of The Lie. And forthat stunning inference a deduction will inevitably have been made from the Find Madeleine Fund. (Love me, love my invoice).

Like a football match staged on a land-fill site, there are so many obstacles in the McCann case (that of the missing child, not the satellite legal productions of the McCanns), a simple intuition or two about the best route to goal could prove just as effective as any in-depth knowledge of waste categories. Participants are always likely to fall over debris left by others in any event.

An associate member of the McCann legal team at the same Lisbon Court hearing, speaking on the McCanns' behalf, made it perfectly clear that they were in no way responsible for obstructing the path to justice. As Sky TV's Jon di Paolo reported at the time (12 Jan, 2010):

12:24: The McCanns' lawyer makes the point that 'evidence' usually sightings – has suggested Madeleine is still alive.

12:25: He says that the McCanns are not responsible for generating any of this 'evidence' that their daughter is not dead.

As previously observed (see article, 'Just Like That,' McCannFiles, 22 March 2011), according to the advocate concerned, evidence suggesting Madeleine is still alive usually took the form of sightings, implying that on occasion it might take some other form. Whatever form this 'evidence' took however, the McCanns were not responsible for generating any of it (an inference followed by a deduction wouldn't you say, Ms Duarte?). Curiously this defence of the McCanns appears to have been in rebuttal of an accusation that had not even been made.

'Generating' evidence in the manner alluded to by the McCanns' lawyer would constitute interference with a police investigation, surely? Which is no doubt why said lawyer pre-emptively denied the unannounced allegation. But while he 'majored' on sightings far and near (those reported by David Payne and Jane Tanner fall into this very category), he overlooked those of a more spiritual variety.

Kate McCann generated photographs of a boat, on board which Madeleine was supposed, by a clairvoyant friend, to have been sequestered following her abduction (i.e., she was alive and not dead).

While Kate McCann has not personally laid claim to the pre-cognitive 'sighting,' she was reportedly present at the marina when the photographs were taken and has never denied taking them herself.

The photographs constitute evidence in support of a 'sighting,' albeit a phenomenal one; evidence that Madeleine was not dead, and generated by Kate McCann; evidence which proved, on further investigation, to be worthless. The 'vision' was of a boat that didn't sail anywhere throughout April or May 2007!

The statement: 'The McCanns are not responsible for generating any...'evidence' that their daughter is not dead.' is therefore false. It was made by a legal advocate speaking on behalf of the McCanns in open court during proceedings in January, 2010. Professionally highly dubious, it is on a level par with Kate McCann's own perjury before the more recent Leveson Inquiry ('There were no body fluids.').

But just as one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, supporters of the McCanns, be they vigilantes or 'hired guns,' would most likely champion the view expressed by Gerry McCann, to Jeremy Paxman, that they merely get information into the investigation, that might help find their daughter.

All well and good if the child existed to be found. And if not?

In the final analysis, whether these initiatives were born of an earnest desire to locate a missing child or an ulterior motive of some kind, serves only to colour an inescapable fact: That the McCanns, contrary to an unambiguous statement made on their behalf by a legal representative in open court, generated evidence their daughter was not dead.

And in the complete absence of even a 'grain of proper evidence' that Madeleine McCann was the victim of a stranger abduction, one has to question the true purpose of such evidence generation.



Sunday February 5,2012

By James Murray

SCOTLAND YARD detectives are poised to interview the so-called Tapas Seven as their inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann steps up a gear.

The friends of Kate and Gerry McCann, who accompanied them on their holiday to Portugal almost five years ago, are expecting interview requests as soon as officers feel they could assist the investigation.
So far, the Yard’s Maddie Squad has been concentrating on analysing every scrap of evidence in the case from files supplied by Leicestershire police, ­Portuguese detectives and Metodo 3, the Barcelona-based private investig­ators hired by the McCanns.
Officers have flown to Portugal three times and visited Spain twice.
With much of the analysis over, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood wants to put his team of three detective chief inspectors, five detective sergeants and 19 detective constables to good use.
They are being supported by six civilian staff and three officers from the specialist murder review group, bringing the total number on the team to 37.

We are not at the stage of speaking to individuals yet. We are laying the groundwork

A Yard spokesman

By April the cost of the inquiry will be £1.9million but it is thought that figure could double with the “investigative review” going into next year.
After nine months of information gathering, officers are checking statements from key witnesses.
They include the Tapas Seven, so called because they were eating at a tapas bar with Kate and Gerry at the time Madeleine disappeared.
In some cases the Yard officers have asked for documents to be retranslated from ­Portuguese to English so that they are absolutely sure of what was said and meant.
One theory they are examining is that if someone abducted Madeleine they could have had a copy of the key for the holiday apartment at the Ocean Club in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.

The Sunday Express has learned that the Tapas Seven “fully expect” to be asked to go over the statements they made to Portuguese officers shortly after Madeleine vanished on May 3, 2007.
They were also interviewed by Leicestershire detectives, with Portuguese officers in attendance, when they arrived home.
The most significant witness is mother-of-two Jane Tanner, partner of doctor Russell O’Brien, who said she saw a man carrying a child resembling Madeleine some time after 9pm.
Another key witness is Matthew Oldfield, who went to the apartment to check on Madeleine and twins Sean and Amelie, who celebrated their seventh birthdays last week.
Mr Oldfield saw the twins in their cot but did not push the door open wide enough to see Madeleine, although he was happy all was well.
All the Tapas Seven fully support the Yard’s review of the case and hope it will provide a breakthrough.
Other members of the group include Mr Oldfield’s wife Rachael, David and Fiona Payne and her mother Dianne Webster.
A Yard spokesman declined to say who would be interviewed and when. “We are not going into that level of details,” he said. “We are not at the stage of speaking to individuals yet. We are laying the groundwork.”
The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said they and their friends would do everything to assist attempts to discover what happened to Madeleine.



To Matt:
Are you being treated for your colour blindness (regarding fabrics), your inability to count (windows) and your problem identifying shapes (of tables)?

To Russell:
How did Matt react when you entered his apartment with his key on Sunday evening to check on his daughter while Matt was inside with his tummy bug?

To Jane:
Did you hear Rachael snoring when you listened at her window on Wednesday evening to check on her daughter?

To Rachael:
Didn't it feel odd to watch a group of children at tennis on Thursday when none of the group's children took part but were instead out on a boat trip at the beach?

To Fiona:
When you collected Maddie together with Kate from the creche on Thursday at lunch time, was she as drenched , cold and wet as yourself from sailing on the rough sea?

To David:
How did it feel to get thrown in the deep end when your buddy claimed that you checked on his daughter on the WEDNESDAY alone inside the apartment?

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