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Hernâni Carvalho entrevista Gonçalo Amaral


Maddie desapareceu há quase 5 anos

Hernâni Carvalho 


Gonçalo Amaral

This is a rough  summary translated with google .....

The video begins with images from the program "Up to the Truth" with Canadian psychic.

The apartment where they are not the 5A.

The psychic Stop talking in a barrel with water. But that is not shown in the sand ....

HC and JP also says that the Anglo Saxon accepts the mediums.

GA says that researchers are men of facts.

GA says that the FBI wanted to work but the superiors thought it best not because they were working with the British police.

GA: The FBI wanted to just send a seer.

JP: facts and HC-GA PdL and returned to the cliff.

GA: the first night there have been many searches with sniffer dogs and many volunteers.

Was not detectable odor of the corpse on the rocks and sand away.

Launch a 30 kg body into the sea, I (GA) would say that is impossible.

GA: says G. McCann went there to shoot the rocks and holes in the rocks ....

GA: today there are many people who say the body could be there .... but for that PJ will have to reopen the case because there is much to be done.

HA to GA: could a girl be carried in a bag, get one of those channels and then changed?

GA: They were working to find out where the body was or was no body.

The choice of the FSS was to please England: a matter of courtesy.

And speaking of bags (plural. blue bags and more). He says the area of the cliff is an important area as well as the golf course until near the geodesic. That is an area to search again.

HC: Now that whole area was purchased, the entire area was divided ... is private to the extent of vertical cliffs.

GA: K8 jogging daily and see the journalists in the area of the cliffs.

GA: says parents always spoke in the death of the Child.

HC: I disagree because the G. McCann said show me and prove that the body is dead.

GA: he probably knows that there is no body. To prove that the child died is not necessary to find the body. The investigation did not end. Forget for a moment the names of parents and the girl. Let us speak without names. There are facts and we must work with these facts.

HC: but parents say the girl is alive.

GA: I do not understand because the attorney who I processed for defamation went looking for the body of the girl paid by method 3, and is now defended by the couple's lawyer, who sued me because I say that the girl died.

If he says that the dead child is the reason the couple to be defending by their portuguese lawyer?

GA and HC near the door and window 5a. GA: It is physically impossible to go out the window. 

The port is up and is more hidden than the window. Through the window you could see everything.

Begin to move... walking 

GA points to the side window and says it was there that was the couch. Speaks about blood and on the floor  body odor.

This group of tourists entered the back door always. 

 G McCann said he needed to go to the toilet and he went by the the road were far ..... the front door. But there is a team of researchers (notPortuguese) and witnesses who say that the key was on the kitchen counter.

GA  speaking of the importance of reconstruction did not happen.Speaks about of the contradictions. In October the case were filed research; is getting powder and you need someone with courage to reopen.

Studio: PG, GA and HC talk about hair. What appeared many, many hair ........ (Suggest that appeared too much).

HC: How does a child is missing so many hairs can appear?

GA: I do not know but that appeared many, many, appeared ....

GA: speaks of anti histamine and the couple say that the child had no problems with sleep.But there is evidence that the girl had many problems.

The direction is that the Portuguese police decided that the FSS would be to do the analyzes. We wanted to trust. It was a matter of diplomacy (deference).

JP: and it was because of Diplomacy that the case was thus; stopped.
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