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Fica implícito.......

  It’s implied that....

" I just “fast-forwarded” to the parts that called to my attention."


First question, in which apartment are we in?
Certainly not in 5A!

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"In Britain, there are TabloidsSky NewsBBC and remainder media, here ranked in the order by which they’ve tried to shove Maddie’s abduction story down our throats.

We’re just talking about the British media, mind you. Other British institutions, did much more towards that, with less spectacle and greater effectiveness, but we’re talking about the media alone, for now.

In Portugal, the media has been much more impartial. However, there’s been one TV Station, SIC, that has been coherent from day one: they sided with the McCanns and defended relentlessly their version of events.

SIC is one of the two privately owned TV Stations in Portugal, the other being TVI.

It seems then that last SaturdaySIC aired an episode of “Até à Verdade” (Up to the Truth, if literally translated, Until we reach Truth, if you want to capture the full essence of the title) presented by Rita Ferro Rodrigues.

In the various shows of this series, there’s the participation of two mediums, or psychics.

Yes, you read it right. We’re diving deep into paranormal waters here people.

The theme this Saturday's episode was about Maddie.

But what I anticipated to be a complete idiotic show, surprised me completely by wholly overcoming that expectation and soaring into a quality of stupidity rarely seen by human eyes.

You watch at your own risk. I didn’t. Maria sent me the link, which I thank, dear Friend. The video is also up on Joana Morais , with a very interesting set of first comments, I must say. After the few minutes, maybe seconds, I just “fast-forwarded” to the parts that called to my attention.

So, yes, I confess that I’m doing an analysis based solely on a very superficial look of the subject under observation.

Afterwards, you may criticize me, but I'm sure that, in the end, you’ll agree with me, and that is that what I’m about to show is sufficient to sum up the whole unqualified end result.

Let’s start with the reconstruction:

Is it me, or do I see only 5 people? Where are the other 4? Is it my eyes deceiving me, or do I see clearly a rectangular table? I’m I the only one to see that this place doesn’t look anything like Tapas, even if it was totally redecorated?

And speaking of Gerry, asking in PdL if there’s a golf course nearby, is exactly the same as Gerry asking the GNR if there was a church anywhere near on the night Maddie died. Of course they know there’s a golf course. How many signs did they see from Lagos to Luz indicating exactly that?
Don’t you, by now, think that what I’ve said is enough to understand what credibility this show has to offer? And I haven’t even touch the paranormal part of it, have I?

About that, I thought it would be a lot simpler to summon Maddie’s spirit and ask her direct questions, but as I’m not a paranormal expert, I’ll just keep myself out of other people’s business, and I use the term not lightly...

A complete and utter silly absurdity whereby feelings are felt from places where the events didn’t even happen, right?

I know... you already know me, and when I ask you a “right?” you know what comes next, don’t you? You’re not paranormal yourself are you, by any chance?

Exactly, wrong.

Do go and reread my “Advocatus Attack” post.

Understand the difference between the message and the messenger.

The fact that the messenger is an utter idiotdoesn’t make the message to be such. Always, always remember that.

For example, nothing is more serious, and true, than this man’s feeling on the subject:

“I feel things went very wrong…”
So do set aside the messenger, and just maintain focus on the message.

It’s delivered by SIC.

It’s implied that Maddie died inside the apartment.

It’s implied that she died due to a head wound, and bled.

It’s implied that she was taken to the bathroom and washed there.

It’s implied that the body was taken to the Boavista Golf course, and from there to somewhere.

These are very serious allegations, even if made by an absolutely idiotic show, because it falls very, very clearly into libel territory, as it claims,clearly, that Maddie died inside the apartment.

These are messages intended to be embedded in your subconscious. The next time you hear about it, you've heard it before, haven't you? Your acceptance threshold has just been diminished and you didn't even realize it, did you?

Let’s be attentive and watch, from now on, how these basic storylines of a whole new tale develop, shall we? " 

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