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Negligência e rapto,aqui,são pura ficção.


.........  realisticallynever will truth be known via any of the British or Portuguese “Official Institutions”.

......That, for us also, would have been enough sometime ago. Until we understood that negligence was as fictional as the abduction......

........ " Because, as we’ve always said and maintain, the crime one must fight for to never to happen again, is not that the death of that girl, but the tremendous crime that followed her demise.

The ripples of guilt go much beyond the circles made by the couple, and their seven friends… "

You read it right. We’re giving up on the Maddie Affair.

We’re totally aware that we’ve just shocked White Hats and caused Black Hatted sheer joy and grinning.

Is Textusa going to shut down? No. Such thought hasn’t crossed our minds.

Have we changed our minds about what happened on May 3rd? No. Not even a tiny weenie bit.

We’re just giving up on the Maddie Affair because we’ve realistically, after a very careful and attentive analysis of the case in question, come to the conclusion that Humanity (at least the part you and me belong to) is never to know the truth about it.

What made us reach such conclusion?

It was not about the content of the hearings themselves, as we were able to witness, it was the expected shambolic and shameful farce. Hardly surprising.

Nor was it the reason for its existence. We do understand why it was created, although “Culture, Practice and Ethics of the Press” is as reasonable as Count Dracula naming some Transylvanian judge to inquire about “The Advantages of Ketchup over Blood Consumption”.

What has enlightened us is the simple fact that it was created.

Let me try and explain what I mean.

It started with the blatant, evident involvement of the UK’s Government,Diplomacy and Police in covering up what really was at stake with Maddie dying the way, where and when she did.

But at least, they were “discreet”, using the tabloids to voice out idiotic lies.

Nothing “Official”, except the CEOP during the Jim Gamble days, but that doesn't really count.

We, then, thought they were “saving” themselves to pounce on the couple when the time was right and circumstances convenient. Whenever and wherever that would be.

But our dreams were brought to reality with the innocuous phone hacking hearings, where Murdoch, Brooks and a pie were the highlights of the spectacle.

Mind you, it was innocuous in terms of results, that is, because, let’s be very clear, nothing could be more serious than hacking other people’s phones.

We did, however get to realize two things. The first is that apparently you either have to have very short memory span to be rich or you have to have the ability to delegate all you can and then some more so that end up knowing very little; and the second is that, also apparently, the tabloids tailored stories to conveniences, and this “concept” fitted the tabloid attitude toward the Maddie Affair like a glove.

Unfortunately, history will probably only register the pie, and Murdoch’s wife prompt reaction, if it registers anything of it at all.

But we still kept a glimmer of hope alive, especially because these hearings involved the Maddie Affair very marginally.

But then came the Leveson Inquiry.

Questions had already been raised as to whether Leveson should have been appointed, after it was revealed that he had attended evening events at the home of Matthew Freud, husband of Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth. Was there potential here for a possible conflict of interests?

In the matter of the publication of Kate's diary, Colin Myler, former News of the World editor said he had been given repeated assurances from his head of news, Ian Edmonson, that Clarence Mitchell supported publication; a claim which Mitchell denied.

Who to believe? Mmm... A difficult choice between Myler, the editor of the discredited newspaper or Mitchell, former deputy of Andy Coulson in the run up to the last election (a former editor of the discredited newspaper and since arrested in connection with the phone hacking scandal)

Mitchell is also a former employee of Freud Communications.

Leveson appears to have sided with Mitchell's version of events. We know who we would prefer to believe, but then we don't have a conflict of interest to consider.

Imagine Society being made up of layers, one on top of the other, as indeed it is.

Now imagine how many of the top layers are required to set up things such as “Phone Hacking Hearings” and “Levenson Inquiry”.

Their existence, together with what is perceived to be their attitude and effectiveness, could make one seriously think that both the Judicial and the Legislative Pillars of UK are “in the know” about what happened onMay 3rd, 2007, in PdL.

That would, in turn, mean that there would be too many and too powerful people, financially, judicially and politically, in Britain that would have allowed themselves to get involved in the Maddie Affair.

Like having Nobility and Clergy taking side against their own people just because… who knows?

Let’s just hope that Britain and Portugal haven’t become Nations where the “powerful” are nothing but puppets-on-a-string to the powerful, which we’ll keep believing they haven’t.

So, jumping from supposition to supposition and conjecture to conjecture, it’s seems to us that, realistically, never will truth be known via any of the British or Portuguese “Official Institutions”.

Let us now explain what we like to call the “hamburger decision”.

Basically it is what one chooses to do when one is presented with a hamburger to eat.

Those who seek to know what is in fact in the the hamburger are naïve fools.

It’s not that important to know what it contains, in comparison to the fact that one should understand why is one eating it.

You see, once one understands the why, then one may not only eat it, however unpleasant it may taste, but go and ask for seconds, and thirds... or, for the exact same reason never put one of these things to one’s mouth, no matter how much one enjoyed junk food until then…

That’s the “hamburger decision”.

UK’s Basic Pillars seem to have understood the all the facts, at least that’s how it appears to us, and also seem to have made their decision on whether to eat, or not, the “hamburger” in front of them.

It’s our opinion that this apparent decision had got nothing to do with either taste or content, but with a conscientious decision of convenience. But that’s just an opinion, and worth what it’s worth.

And that’s why we’ve decided to give up on the Maddie Affair.

But we’ve also said that we weren’t going to give up, right?

We’ve understood why they’ve made their “hamburger decision”: it seems they chose to know the facts and keep them from you and me.

Is it possible that a stage is now being set up to, in February, using the Amaral Trial in Lisbon, to get the case “re-opened”? By the way, we do think it is... And, surprise, surprise, "discover" that the parents & friends are indeed guilty of negligence and manslaughter?

The charges may even describe truthfully what happened precisely at the time of death, namely, we might even get to know who, if David Payne or Kate McCann, was the one that struck the irate, but unfortunately fatal, blow.

They will also tell us how Tanner and the others lied out of pure friendship, and that there was no abductor to begin with.

But that is as far the system will allow the truth to go. Not an inch further.

And let’s be honest, that will be enough to quench the general public’s curiosity on the issue. The parents confirmed neglectors and liars, the friends just as honest and responsible, all or some behind bars, and the end of the Fund.

That, for us also, would have been enough sometime ago. Until we understood that negligence was as fictional as the abduction.

Evidently, what the group, and by group we don’t mean only the “T9”, was in PdL for, and what were the circumstances and involvements that really surrounded the hours, days, weeks, months and years that followed the moment Maddie died, are NOT to be included in the said staging, if it does happen.

If it does happen we believe that in its possible conclusions, they will certainly leave out many things that they think you may NOT know, things the system will never acknowledge or allow it ever to happen.

So, keeping in mind that we think that those, on which we should rely to tell us the truth, won’t, we shall continue to disclose what we’ve been able to find out about these events.

We’ve may given up on the Maddie Affair, as in per Official Institutions, but rest assured that we won’t give up on what happened on May 3rd 2007, in PdL.

Because, as we’ve always said and maintain, the crime one must fight for to never to happen again, is not that the death of that girl, but the tremendous crime that followed her demise.

The ripples of guilt go much beyond the circles made by the couple, and their seven friends… 

Happy 2012, and may you all receive all you deserve!


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