domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2012

Eu não esqueceria.

(Se uma Criança desaparecesse num hotel e, se fosse eu a pessoa a telefonar para a Recepção jamais esqueceria isso. )

(Maio e Setembro 2007) 

Ricardo Alexandre da Luz Oliveira 

Date: 2007.09.07

Having already given a statement to this process, he confirms what is already on record, a copy of which is made available for this investigation

That he comes to the process as a witness and with the hope that he may help in the localisation of the child Madeleine Beth McCann, missing since the 3rd May, 2007, Praia da Luz, Lagos.

Questioned if he was the person who called the reception to tell them that a child had gone missing, he states that he cannot definitively remember if he did or not. He admits that he could have been the one to call.................

Some holidaymakers were fortunate enough to book a table... the Carpenters dined with their children, the Wilkins dined whilst their children were looked after in the restaurant's free creche... the Tapas group must've thought they were utter fools, dining with their children?...

This group were normally the last to leave.


E HiDeDo afirma, entre outras coisas:

........ " I looked at the discrepancies and statements and saw that they started happening early in the week. Why would that happen if something happened to her on Thursday night?

I waited for something to change, or prove me wrong in my belief that something happened earlier in the week. I felt there had to be SOMETHING to prove Madeleine was alive during the week. All I see is a few questionable photos that could have been taken at any time during the week and was quite shocked to see EVERY statement from those that had thought they had seen her during the week, after Sunday, were mistaken or questionable at best.

What are the chances there is not ONE piece of reliable information to show Madeleine alive during the week? (including the DNA issue).

There is nothing that I have found!

When you have all the information for a story, you can only communicate it in the best way you know how...

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