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Caçadores de recompensas sem sorte.

"There are no “ifs ” or “buts” about it. The SY is investigating an ABDUCTION. That's their guideline on the issue."
"Lest we forget, £3 mill were allocated for this."

There are no “ifs ” or “buts” about it. The SY is investigating an ABDUCTION. That's their guideline on the issue.

If my memory serves me right, as of late 2007, the media, and everyone else, has been very careful to avoid the term “abduction”, rather replacing it with other more ambiguous, but truthful, terminology, such asvanishedmissing, etc…

Now we have it in black & white. From the SY itself. To say that in 2012, may be a blunder, but it isn't innocent.

The Met commissioner has resigned since this announcement. He did saythe outcome may not be published. It doesn’t surprise me one bit.

All those of you that still had a glimmer of hope that the SY Review would bring some truth to the Maddie Affair, please be reasonable, do stop having it.

If you thought that there was a serious investigation going on to serve justice, please read the above and I suggest that you start to realize that there is a serious investigation going on, but to whitewash the case.

But you know me; I'm patient and will wait for you to come to that conclusion by yourself...

Lest we forget, £3 mill were allocated for this.

Op Grange Remit 

The support and expertise proffered by the Commissioner will be provided by the Homicide & Serious Crime Command - SCD1.  

The activity, in the first instance, will be that of an ‘investigative review’.  This will entail a review of the whole of the investigation(s) which have been conducted in to the circumstances of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.

The focus of the review will be of the material held by three main stakeholders (and in the following order of primacy); 

The Portuguese Law Enforcement agencies.
UK Law Enforcement agencies,
Other private investigative agencies/staff and organisations.

The investigative review is intended to collate, record and analyse what has gone before.  

It is to examine the case and seek to determine, (as if the abduction occurred in the UK) what additional, new investigative approaches we would take and which can assist the Portuguese authorities in progressing the matter. Whilst ordinarily a review has no investigative remit whatsoever- the scale and extent of this enquiry cannot permit for such an approach. It will take too long to progress to any “action stage” if activity is given wholly and solely to a review process. 

The ‘investigative review’ will be conducted with transparency, openness and thoroughness.

The work will be overseen through the Gold Group management structure, which will also manage the central relationships with other key stakeholders and provide continuing oversight and direction to the investigative remit.


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