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Vamos recapitular


Posted by John Blacksmith

Wednesday, 14 December 2011 at 19:19

Let's recap.

News came out that Scotland Yard had been in Barcelona recently. At this point, as we wrote the other day, the freshly dug-up Mitchell and Team began spinning with a loud whizzing noise, planting their version of events all over Keirland, otherwise known as the overground media. The story was that Scotland Yard had come to the city to follow up perhaps the most risible of all the "sightings", the crazed "yacht lady" incident. Suppressing our giggles and taking it seriously for a microsecond, what could they follow up? The source of the story doesn't live in Barcelona but in Britain and the supposed woman isn't Spanish. Come on.

The obvious reason for the Yard's presence was to talk to Barcelona-based Metodo, and so it has transpired. Yet the Team hadn't mentioned them once until yesterday, leaving us all to conclude - correctly - that they were deliberately attempting to mislead and take the focus away from the "detectives".

Today we know that their efforts to conceal the real target failed: the Yard have been talking to Metodo and have taken possession of a large number of documents - thirty boxes, according to Metodo's boss, Francisco Marco. Marco, who just happened to appear on Spanish TV this morning, said that they had "provided the Yard with all the documents and information we have collated worldwide about Madeleine's disappearance so they can continue the investigations we carried out in Spain, Morocco and the rest of the world".

So there we are. If you live in Keirland you're at liberty to believe that the Yard sent four detectives to Barcelona to collect thirty boxes of "sightings", none of which were part of the investigation that the Yard are reviewing.

If you live in the real world you'll be more interested in exactly what Gerry McCann instructed Metodo to do, both in Portugal and elsewhere, and any evidence that shows how those instructions were carried out. And the detectives live in the real world, not Keirland.
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