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Uma opinião a considerar.

And i believe inYour´s opinion! I thank to You a lot, Guerra.

The Leveson Inquiry is a pretext for making it impossible for investigative journalism to be practiced in Britain, i.e. for those journalists with integrity that want to expose cases of corruption in their society.

I doubt very much that the relationship between politicians and the media or the media and the English police will be explored in any great depth. The public will be no wiser as to why British politicians and police find it necessary to hold numerous meetings and socialise with media executives. Mr. Leveson should not be leading this inquiry because he, himself, has socialised with members of Murdoch's family on several occasions. There is obviously a conflict of interest which was ignored by Mr. Cameron, all the more reason for the public to doubt Mr. Leveson's impartiality. Although, I don't believe it is part of Mr. Leveson's mandate, It would be interesting to explore the relationship between the government and the police, is the police a self governing entity or is its work on certain cases regulated by the government?

In relation to the McCann couple, it is obvious to me that the Leveson Inquiry is at the McCanns disposal to use as a vehicle to re-write history; e.g. there were no bodily fluids; arguido means a person of interest; let's put it on record that Madeleine's DNA was not found in the McCann's vehicle; everything written about the case was unsubstantiated, i.e. the content of case files is all fluff, etc. etc.

I become wary of an individual's motives, who despite having followed the McCann case since the beginning, refuse to accept or ,more likely, declare publicly that the British establishment has intervened to prevent a proper investigation from taking place. I'm convinced that certain bloggers are assigned the task of quelling any suspicion that the public may have of the British establishment's involvement in this case. And their assertions are taken seriously by some because these bloggers also have declared that the McCann couple is lying. But, every so often, they will add to the confusion by making commentary that questions the reliability of the cadaver dogs, and the integrity of Mr. Amaral. And of course they express their sympathy for Mrs. McCann. However, much the same way that the McCann team reads blogs that seek the truth, their purpose being to acquire ideas to manipulate the public, we should pay attention to those blogs whose motives are not quite clear, because these blogs usually reveal the upcoming strategy of the McCann team.

Blacksmith has revealed the strategy that will be employed by the McCann's lawyers in the upcoming trial. The contents of Mr. Amaral's book "A Verdade da Mentira will not be the focus of the trial, mainly due to the judgment handed down by the appeal court. The McCann team will accuse Mr. Amaral of giving false information to British journalists, they will refer to stories that cannot be substantiated by the case files. Mr. Amaral will be portrayed as being obsessed with incriminating the McCanns and as a result being negligent in his investigative work. The tactics that will be used will be underhanded and disrespectful of the Portuguese judicial system.
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