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"Tenho de confessar que o B.S.B. também para mim.....

Anonymous said :

Dec 23, 2011 7:55:00 AM

I read the Blacksmith bureau last article and I have to confess... With a pinch of salt. It is only my interpretation or is there a biased view against Amaral which is on itself an assumption without factual support? At the end I feel that he tried to pass the idea that what the PJ provided on the files was based on guesses and not on evidences and the leaks from the investigation to the press were provided by Amaral. 

It is a good exercise, trying to highlight possible points were GA may have to focus to win the court case in February, but I think if the mccann's lawyers stretch too much the strings during the audiences, some journalists will be called, Portuguese and British, to testify. 

Some could be the ones heard now at the Leveson inquiry and they will tell the truth about most of the sources of they information. 

A very bad picture for the Mccann's and their spokespersons because the Levesons enquiry pay attention only to the behavior of the press regarding the Mccann's, when on the same case, the behavior of the same press regarding Amaral was so condemnable but passed unnoticed. 

In Portugal, that will be highlighted and the sources of the misinformation will be exposed. Most had mccann's spokespersons and their relatives at the base. For every spin that any paper could have feed the public, the mccann's jumped to the spotlights to dismiss or provide press conferences, trying to manipulate the public and the investigation, trying to pass a dark picture of the police, when they know the police could not provide any information to clarify the situation because the case was under secrecy.

I'm sorry but I disagree when the Blacksmith said the Leversons was neutral. Spudgun already highlighted in a article the connections of some judges with Murdoch. Some use to be very good friends with Murdoch daughter, a reason strong enough to have that judges out of an enquiry were papers related with Murdoch are going to be under scrutiny . 

We know, the owner of the empire will pass untouched because who is going to be accusedvand charged will be the small Pierrots, the journalists who were forced to provide news to justify their salaries.

I don't think Amaral will need a hard job in February to support his claims. What is in the files speaks by itself if the trial has neutral judges. He already won the case against his book.

 Mccann's lawyer, Pinto de Abreu was the first one assuming on the day the Mccann's were made arguidos, that due to the evidences at PJ desks, there was no way for them for not becoming arguidos, what means suspects. 

Who said that, was Kate McCann on the book she invited trillions of readers to buy and even sold an appetizer to the Sun Newspaper, on the grounds that the money will be used to search of her daughter. Now we know where is going the money. 

The Portuguese court could reopen the case and force the Mccann's to do the reconstruction. 

Will be interesting to see how Janet Tanner managed to pass unnoticed to one of her close friends in a narrow street and how the abductor manage to snatche a girl and calm down 3 children even if he had his job facilitated by having the keys and passing trough an open door. 

Mccann's statements and their time scale are they huge enemies and there is no way for their lawyers to defend that and work on the base that this are not strong evidences against their clients. Were delivered to the police and signed by them.

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