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But is Ofcom that no-good bunch of toadying jobsworths investigating Fox News and CNN for what are transparently blatant transgressions of their broadcasting licence?

 Not a bit of it; since such courses of action and subsequent punishments are only reserved for the likes of Press TV that prefer to tell the truth, be the voice of the voiceless and refuse to follow the prevailing and western sanctioned prevailing orthodoxy of lie that the west’s governments feed on, engineer wars against and conduct invasions of other people’s countries on the basis of. What has any of this to do with Kate and Gerry McCann I hear you ask? 

A great deal really as they’re evidently the kind of odious persons that fit comfortably into the pattern of those I have described earlier and that the world would be a great deal better off without and that’s putting it mildly. 

For here are two individuals that take lies and render them as the truth, who in spite of their evident and numerous faults and a marked rejection in acknowledging these must lay squarely with them instead haughtily thrust them onto the shoulders of anyone that their pathological feral mindset dictates they should and moreover can expectantly as of right anticipate that everyone else will accordingly and unquestioningly agree to; and so far they’ve been rather successful in this sick and quite perturbing ruse of theirs.

Without exception everyone I’ve spoken to about Madeleine or of their own accord has raised the matter with me in the UK or abroad is categorically of the view which I share that there has been no abduction of this girl who we firmly believe is dead and has been from the outset, and that her parents subconsciously guilt wracked but even so attention seekers par excellence and comprising mum Kate who more fittingly could be described as a contemporary Lucria Borgia kitted out with an evidently hen-pecked husband, no need to ask who wears the trousers in their house, are the ones that are solely responsible either intentionally or accidentally for Madeleine death and the disappearance of her body.

Furthermore I’m decisively convinced and every gut instinct reinforces this view that these two murderers, for if Madeleine was killed intentionally there is no getting away from the fact that murder is the crime in question and if her death was accidental and her parents are putting on this elaborate charade to deflect attention away from what really happened manslaughter is no longer a preference as would have been the case had they come clean from the start, are wholly culpable for what happened to their daughter. Let me emphasize the point; if I crash into you and you initially perceived it was an accident but my subsequent body language, no apology on my part to you and all this reinforced by a dismissive and even hostile attitude by me towards you and what happened, could anyone blame you for thinking that maybe what I did wasn’t an accident after all and what took place was a premeditated assault by me cleverly made to come across like an accident? And when one adds to that the case of perverting the course of justice I don’t any rational person would view it as a laughing matter.

It’s my honest opinion and in the absence to-date of any incontestable evidence to the contrary from the McCanns or anyone else is also my unshakable position that Kate and Gerry McCann after Madeleine’s death conspiratorially either with each other or with the misguided assistance of others whom they knew well and could therefore trust implicitly clandestinely and carefully disposed of Madeleine’s body. 

The rest of this absurd pantomime and especially the McCanns’ elaborate and to my mind highly improbable and entirely unconvincing story is sheer theatre of the macabre written, acted out and diligently directed by a woman that is very evil, exceedingly clever with it and with a remarkable penchant to make her malignity appear plausible and even respectable.

 Who knows exactly what strings to pull and when to do so; what sympathies of her audience to dexterously play on; and significantly what innate prejudices they have that she, Kate McCann can self-centredly exploit to her maximum advantage while simultaneously with a totally contrived but photogenically conspicuous humility giving a classical portrayal worthy of an Oscar nomination of a most unfortunate but run of the mill, hard done by mother, woman and wife, specifically contextualized in that order to fuel the most empathetic reaction possible in her favour, and in whose mouth butter wouldn’t melt. Well I don’t buy any of it, have never done so from the outset of this loathsome saga, and never will.

There are some things that are quintessentially English and so engrained in our national psyche that we instinctively respond to the conditioned reflex they trigger in us regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves or where in the world we physically are. 

Queuing is one such conditioned reflex of the English mindset, putting on our seatbelts when we enter a vehicle irrespective of whether we’re the passenger or driver of that vehicle is another, as is never leaving for a solitary moment under any circumstance whatsoever underage children and particularly babies, toddlers and under fives on their own and unsupervised.

In case of the last example apart from being something that all English people across the board sensibly and wholeheartedly subscribe to it’s also the law of the land with swingeing and to my mind appropriate and justified legal and social sanctions meted out to those that break the law. 

And so clear-cult are the legal and social requirements one must adhere to that the lame excuse of “oh I didn’t know” can never realistically or logically come into the equation.

 Flout the law even inadvertently and you can find yourself in jail, socially ostracized and have your children legally and possible forever depending on how serious the infraction was taken away from you by the social services and even adopted by another family. Bearing all this in mind only a total moron, the completely foolhardy or the endemically uncaring, callous or utterly self-centred would contemplate let alone go down that path.

Kate McCann who dishonestly likes to portray herself as the archetypal loving and caring mother would have known all this but her conceited mask of deception quickly gets blown away like useless trash subjected to the full force of a tropical hurricane when she calculatedly decided with her hen-pecked husband Gerry to selfishly at night go out, have a good time and make no provisions whatever for the care, supervision and safety of three extremely young kids literally left on their own to fend for themselves as well as cope with whatever contingencies they found themselves faced with. 

Now it’s not rocket science to speculate and deduce what the inherent dangers even for children much older could or would have been let alone for those of Madeleine and her younger siblings’ age placed in this invidious position, but did this matter in the least to Mother of the Century Kate McCann much more concerned about her own self-centred social gratification that night than parenting? Like hell it did!

Here’s my scenario of what happened that night in Portugal. Kate McCann the primary motivator in this macabre and asinine tale she’s ad nauseum and relentlessly been spinning too much of a cheapskate when it came to forking out for proper babysitting services for her children as any normal parent would in similar circumstances but nevertheless saw no need or any valid reason to cut back on the cost of her binge night out with friends was determined come what may that nothing would handicap or ruin her cherish night out, and that included Madeleine.

 The two younger kids could be lulled to sleep and that problem taken care of, Madeleine though was a much tougher proposition. She knew that her parents were going out and would be leaving here on her own with just her younger siblings to keep her company, not much solace for her if both siblings were fast asleep; and whether from a natural fear of knowing she was being deliberately left unsupervised and on her own in a strange and relatively unfamiliar hotel apartment at night and with both her parents absent, or a childlike and very understandable resentment intensely felt by a young child acutely aware of being discarded in this way Madeleine evidently was having none of it and feistily and rebelliously  did what every kid who feels that he or she has unjustly been taken advantage of by their parents of all people do in such circumstances, they give vent to their feelings by playing up something rotten.

Now there’s not a parent on planet earth who hasn’t been faced at some time or other with a situation like this that literally drives the around the bend and where at the time they could quite happily have murdered the demanding and exasperating little sods as they watched with dismay and anger  their wonted desires clash implacably with what from the perspective of an adult they see as the irresponsible  and self-absorbed  demands of their child or children; in other words they want to do something that they consider to be vitally important at the time but which their truculent offspring with their own pressing and just as important needs sees totally differently.

This can of course be most infuriating for the parent concerned who might tray all manner of means to pacify the child in question but if these fail must be matured enough to ultimately accept that whatever their personal yearnings might be their major priority and first responsibility without exception must be to that child, its well-being and its physical and emotional security.

 Of course if there are other adults around, for example grandparents, aunts or uncles, capable of or willing to step into the breech and ably assist with the problem that exists the harassed parent can at least console themselves that if they still consider it vital to carry on with their plans, temper tantrums notwithstanding their child will unquestionably be in safe hands, among people they know, love and trust , in an environment they’re familiar and feel comfortable with, and in the knowledge of all concerned that they’re safe, well cared for and protected. 

On holiday in Portugal the McCanns didn’t have this latter option but significantly in the absence of that it’s quite apparent that they couldn’t be bothered and therefore did nothing to create and alternative and constructive choice for their children.

In the meantime Madeleine continued to play up, a situation that decidedly got on Kate’s wick; and adamant that she wasn’t going to abandon her night out or have it remotely ruined by a cantankerous little brat mother at the end of her curt forbearance lashed out at her exasperating child with lethal consequences. 

At this point any normal mother fully cognisant of what she’d done would have panicked, dialled the emergency services frantically hoping that her daughter might somehow be resuscitated and with the arrival of the police as well explained to them that what occurred was an accident and how it came about; after all it was her child, her own flesh and blood, she’d just killed and whatever anger she may earlier have had and expressed towards this child would surely have been dissipated by her tragic loss and the most powerful of instincts known to all living creatures, that of a mother for her offspring.

But in raising the spectre of Kate McCann it would be utterly foolish to think that one was dealing with a normal mother or even a normal human being, for her personal response to the initial outburst that so cruelly robbed Madeleine of her young life and the train of events that Kate McCann then calculatedly ensured were put in place to deflect attention away from her culpability can in my view be honestly and sardonically referred to as the most cold-blooded, cynical, depraved and self-absorbed response to a human catastrophe that the human mind could conjecture.

Carrying on with her binge plans as if nothing untoward had happened that evening Kate McCann together with Gerry met up with her friends as she was always wont to and from reports I’ve received was the life and soul of the part. 

She even popped back to the apartment she and her family were staying in it’s been said a couple of times to check up on the kids she claims, reporting always on her return back to her friends with an equanimity that only a sick mind given the circumstances she was in could contrive that everything was in order and the kids were absolutely fine, allowing nothing in her demeanour or that of her husband Gerry who was on a tight leash to betray the fact that it was all a barefaced lie, a cynical charade that was being purposely played out to carefully lay the groundwork and hopefully create a conducive environment favourable to themselves but importantly one that would exculpate them from all blame which they have successfully managed to do, and far from things beings hunky-dory there was a murderess at large that along with her husband an accessory after the fact had earlier killed her oldest child Madeleine.

Only after the night’s amusement was over and propitious steps were taken with all the assiduousness of Apache Native Americans astutely concealing their tracks and whereabouts from the US army during the land grabs that saw the birth of American imperialism did the McCanns report their daughter Madeleine as missing. 

What followed is already in the public domain and well known so I shan’t waste time, energy and treasure going over old and dishonest ground. What I will say though is this. If child traffickers were responsible for abducting Madeleine why take her alone and not her siblings as well? If the abduction was to satisfy the fixated requirement of a childless unable to have children of their own, unable to adopt but nevertheless still desperate to possess a child they could call their own, then surely the two younger siblings of Madeleine would have been a much better bet than Madeleine herself since being younger and virtually babies themselves the memory recall of who exactly they were once they were physically away from Kate and Gerry and over a much shorter period of time would be totally non-existent, a situation that would undeniably be much more difficult in Madeleine case taking into account her age.

 So a much safer bet as I see it and one that made greater sense would have been to dispense with Madeleine altogether and carry off her siblings. Besides it’s a lot easier to pass off an illicit baby as your own than a young girl of Madeleine’s age and obviously intelligent who would constantly be whining about wanting her mum and drawing attention to the predicament she’s in. Not a clever move I would say.

There are obvious paedophiles that prey on very young and vulnerable children but empirical data available clearly show that such victims are either family members, the children of friends or colleagues or the close relations of financially strapped and marginalized families living in communities in places like Thailand, the Gambia, southern India and Kenya that welcome the money they get in exchange for putting their young children up for abuse by well-heeled British, European and other western paedophiles that fly in their countries to indulge their proclivities with immunity from corrupt local officials that disingenuously deny such activities occur, round on those who say otherwise accusing them of endeavouring to destroy the country’s tourist industry and blissfully continue as usual. This is the usual pattern as paedophiles for obvious reasons are secretive people that don’t or would they ever set up paedophile collectives where the likes of Madeleine McCann would be taken and groomed for a life of debauchery. And to think otherwise is not only illogical but is also a bloody stupid idea. So that’s another fanciful notion that can be firmly ruled out about where Madeleine has allegedly ended up.

Shortly after returning to the UK from Portugal one of the first things that Kate McCann did was to hire a PR consultant. Now these blood suckers don’t come cheap and the irony of what Kate did wasn’t lost on me that while she and Gerry between them couldn’t or didn’t want to find the money to hire a babysitter coasting considerably less in Portugal than in the UK and nowhere what a PR consultant costs and which would have precluded this unseemly mess form happening in the first place, here was Mrs McCann expending a king’s fortune to have her public image meticulously airbrushed by a PR consultant.

Why? Is it what grieving relatives who’ve tragically lost loved ones let alone deeply traumatized parents who’ve had to suffer and still do the excruciating agony of knowing that their children have been cruelly, permanently and inexcusably taken from them through the wanton acts of murder committed by persons they didn’t even know normally do? Of course not.

Neville and Doreen Lawrence the parents of Stephen Lawrence  didn’t resort to such odious tactics or felt any need to employ them even when the police that should have been concentrating on finding and apprehending Stephen’s racist killers were more fixated about whether or not Stephen belonged to a gang, expended their energies and resources in this futile exercise as he wasn’t, and are known to have actively conspired with Stephen’s killers even as he laid bleeding to death to ensure that justice for him wasn’t done.

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