sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2011

Imprensa controlada.

Is it true that there is a wealth of information about the Madeleine McCann case on the internet but the truth has been suppressed in the UK media by printing only biased reports based on the McCanns version of events and avoiding the real facts of the case? What is Mitchells connection to Rupert Murdoch? and, Where can I find the facts? – links please.

O que quer este? Está tudo na net!!!!!! 

  • In any case under investigation, there is a certain amount of facts which are not made known to the general public.
  • This is done to not let the perpetrators of the crime know where the police are in the investigation.
  • In answer to your question Yes, some information has probably been withheld.
  • The Media have printed the basic facts of the McCain's missing daughter but as nobody knows, except the know all's on here, exactly what all the facts are the saga is to date incomplete As for Mitchells
  • connection to Rupert Murdoch I have no idea if they even know each other. As the police would say "our investigations are proceeding "
  • well considering i sweep news sites and never heard of it i would say hell yes!
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