quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

Doce Pamalam! Cheers!

"Import notice
From midnight New Years Eve Saturday 31 December 2011 I am taking this site off line. I have had enough of the back biting and sniping from both Antis and Pros alike to last me a life time. I had hoped that Antis Pros and Fence sitters would one day all join forces and help find what happen to Madeleine. But it is now very clear to me that this will never happen.  I am taking a large step back and retiring. 
I will see how I feel in the future when I have had a rest from everything. At that point I will make a final decision to decide if the site should stay off line permanently or not. 

For the people who have supported me in the past a big thanks to you. You Know who you are.

Cheers Pamalam " 


Esta ligação nunca teve nada a ver com a página dos progenitores; foi sempre um valioso instrumento de trabalho onde ficaram registados factos e, " escritos" do XxXxxx, importantes para trabalho.
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