segunda-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2011

Conforme sopram os ventos....


Spinning in the wind

The shovels and pulleys came out in the middle of the night, Kate McCann grasped her crucifix tight to her chest and Lo! 
The Coffin is among ye. Team McCann, flyblown and rotted, silent for so many months, climbs out of the grave 
and crawls into behind-the-scenes action.
Now Scotland Yard  are not going to talk to anyone  about the details of the review, any more than Leicester police 
have after four and a half years; travel details and numbers, yes, but operational stuff, not a chance. 
So the stuff from Brunt and others was fiction and if the police didn’t give them a nod or a steer—and, we repeat, 
they didn’t—then it could only have been the Team.
And this is where it gets interesting. The only way we’re going to know which way the review is heading is via the parents. Sooner or later they will get what they think is reliable information about the inquiry’s direction and they’ll start to spin pre-emptively—smily spin and “looking forward to the conclusions” and we’ll assume they’re home and dry; otherwise we’ll watch them wriggle while their lawyers attempt to negotiate. But that should be a long way down the road, shouldn’t it? Not while the Yard are still doing the fieldwork.
But the Team came out spinning about the police trips to Spain this month, and there wasn’t a smile to be seen. Two hundred and forty three Google entries showing that the stuff had been planted pre-emptively all over the place, all because the word Barcelona had been mentioned. And, just in case anyone thinks it was a one off, back they came with further supposed detail a few days ago, this time bringing in Goatherd Edgar. Why is it so important to provide a fictitious reason for the Yard’s presence in Spain?
Unlike 2007, when so many of the melodramatic features of the case emerged from the parents’ weird and distorted  imaginations, Gerry really is in the shadows now and doesn’t know who the Team can trust. James Murray of the Express, who helped to embroider the latest version of the Spanish trip, is as close to Amaral as he is to the parents and his unpredictable master hasn’t forgotten that half a million libel settlement. And—”sooner or later they will get what they think is reliable information”—did someone at the Yard deliberately tempt the McCanns,to see, just like us, which way they would spin in the wind?
Plenty more jockeying for position to come.
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